Danielle Staub Claims Stability, Teases Sexuality, Insults Gays Around the World

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Danielle Staub continues to exploit the gay community in a despicable manner.

The recently-fired Real Housewife has been spotted getting close to Lori Michaels, appearing often in public with the singer and using the quasi relationship as yet another means to make headlines. Are they actually a couple?

"I have to keep that for my show," Staub told Radar Online of her upcoming spin-off series. "I think it's going to be a really nice element to add to my show... You're going to see the truth of my sexuality revealed."

Danielle Staub: Possibly gay, definitely awful.

Rumors state that Danielle will host a WealthTV (that's a network, apparently) take on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, "but with a twist,” she says, that will include "socializing with the rich and famous celebrities."

And, yes, Staub will supposedly use this platform to announce her sexual orientation, treating the personal tidbit like a scripted storyline, as opposed to the difficult life announcement it is for so many individuals.

We're not even sure what the mystery is about. We've all seen just how excited Staub gets around a penis.

"I don't like labels," Staub said, adding one of the funniest quotes of the year: "I consider myself an incredibly stable human being."

As for that spin-off:

"I'm so excited because as soon as I start rolling and cameras are up, then I will have moved on from the whole Housewives adventure... I get new things in my life to do and no one is going to be attacking me like that - nobody! There is nothing that they can do, they won't be able to touch me anymore.

"I'm completely happy in my life and in love."

God, we hate her.


There aren't many of us Boomers that don't have a past. Back in the seventies we used to make lists of how many people we had sex with and it gave you bragging rights. Then came the aids scare and it changes everything. The days of the hedonist were gone. So.....don't fault people for something that once was something alot of people did icluding Daneille...


I think that Caroline Manzo is the real hater. She is the one who is always so judgemental and acting all better than everyone else. People should be offended by her.


She sure is ugly and a liar. She will do everything bad to turn it to money. I have never met anybody like her so unpredictable and bad. I feel sorry for her kids.


Someone really cares, to be talking about these housewives again and again i guess if we really did't care, we wouldn't even be commenting on here would we lets just stop the madness n aout them.


The entire cast of Real Housewives is pathetic, as is the cast of NJ Shore. I'd rather slam my thumb into a drawer than watch any of them, and can't understand why any intelligent person does. God bless. RB


Mike, I'm gonna be laughing at that one all day long. And probably tomorrow, too! Thank you!


Let's all teach our kids to act like super crazy Teresa, she has a brood of spoiled mean brats, and she has no respect for others space not even Andy, no wonder her husband is out drinking at 1 in the morning.


who knew horses were bi-sexual? I think Staub and Vienna (of the Bachelor) would be a match made in heaven. Only question is what kind of saddle do you use for these mares?


This show will sink like a stone.


Why is everyone hating on danielle? I think what ever she has to do as a single mom to support her children is really none of anyone's business. And for that matter her daughter's are beautiful, and the modeling was fantastic. anyone talking sh..! should just mind there own business. If my daughter's or son's had half a chance to do the thing's her kid's have done and will do you couldn't tell me sh..!!! single mom


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