Cy Waits, Paris Hilton Involved in Hit-and-Run

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Paris Hilton and Cy Waits can't seem to fly under the radar.

The ho-tel heiress and her Las Vegas entrepreneur lover were involved in an alleged hit and run outside of Boa restaurant in West Hollywood last night.

Gross Couple

Video of the incident clearly shows that Waits was behind the wheel of his Bentley when he ran over the leg of a photographer, only identified as Carol.

Cy Waits ... briefly, then takes off! [Photo:]

Surrounded by celebrity gossip media, a eyewitness says that Waits "gunned" the car and hit the woman, who was knocked to the pavement. Ouch!

Cy Waits rolled down his window and specifically asked if the paparazzo was okay, to which another photographer said, "yes" and told him to go.

Still, on the video, you can hear someone yelling, "hit and run, hit and run" after he and Paris fled. Police tracked down Waits and questioned him.

Waits was given a field sobriety test, which he apparently passed, and was "detained," but later released. He was given a citation to appear in court.

Paramedics were also called to the scene of the accident, and they transported the woman to the hospital for treatment for a cut on her right shin.

It's the latest legal woe for Cy Waits, who was busted for DUI in the Cadillac SUV that Paris Hilton was caught carrying cocaine in back in August.

After an initial series of excuses didn't hold water, Paris Hilton pleaded guilty to drug charges and received two six-month suspended jail terms.


Very nicely said randyjacksonsbutt!!! That weirdo has posted other shit simular to this. I have always thought that they were on something to go on and on about everything and anything.
Simpler is better!! Just say Paris and her wacked out friends are a bunch of loosers PERIOD!


it wasnt her fault if u really c the vid it isnt really serious, some1 may just pull him back or something


i think thats good for the damn papz


This odd couple only proves that birds of a feather etc.etc.


Seriously Bikkhu. Suck it dog. People just want to read about Paris and whatever tool she's dating this week. Take your Schi Bawnatamar Kalaksiti and scram.


Bikkhu: I made it through the first paragraph of your rant and realized that you have some major issues.
Please don't post anymore of your insanity laden nonsense on here because it gives readers the creeps. I don't know what third world country you're from but I am staying the hell away from it. Sincerley,
Randy Jackson's Big Black Ass

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