Chris Robinson Slams Taylor Swift as "Horrible"

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We know one person who won't purchase Taylor Swift's new album: Chris Robinson.

The Black Crowes lead singer has come out and made his feelings on the award-winning crooner very well known. He told Nylon Guys magazine this week: "I find it embarrassing that adults are like, 'Taylor Swift is very talented.' She's not. She might be cute, but she's horrible."

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Robinson, the ex-husband of Kate Hudson, went on to say many popular current acts lack actual talent.

"They have stylists who dress them, they make records with producers  who play a chord into the computer and it all comes out the same... When you have computers doing it all for you... there's no individuality. Singing isn't always about being on key; it's about emotionality (sic)."

THG interns are placing phone calls as we type, trying to determine if Robinson was actually referring to Miley Cyrus instead of Swift. We'll let you know.

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Shouldn't he be talking about Miley Cyrus,Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez?Taylor plays her own instruments,writes her own songs and pick out her own clothes,Taylor was discovered singing in a coffee place,she had several songs written at that point,she even designed her own tour set and the wardrobe for her FEARLESS tour,Chris is just a bitter jerk who cannot sell alot of albums even if he tried.


Marian--I think that you meant the farewell to honor Brooks and Dunn, and she did make a spectacle of herself. She followed each and every camera person and appeared way too often than a person with any kind of class. I don't care for her because she is on a mission aggressively to become someone that can't begin to measure up to most all of the really good C&W female performers. Perhaps she should change to a different music genre instead of making a fool of herself in the one she claims to belong in.


ok @aspoestertjie i guess i have to agruee i just saw taylor swift last night on kick off and i couldn't hear her sing i had to turn my tv up to hair her i like to listen britney spears and miley sometimes and yea kate is a slut she got to sleep with every guy and goes back to owen willson


Everybody has their own opinions but taht doesn't give this Chris guy the right to talk so rudely about taylor. She writes her own songs and she's a sweet person. He's just probably trying to get attention because I didn't even know who he is until I saw this post...


@ Cynthia and poor chris: you're both idiots and obviously out of touch. Chris Robinson is not has been. He's been rocking for the past 21 years and still going strong!! Just because you don't hear his music on the radio, doesn't mean he's not making great music. He and the Black Crowes are true talent, unlike Taylor (who probably needs a computer to make her sound good) and many of the "puppets" they call "musicians" today.


i have never heard of black crowes since they sucked the last time i came to their show


@sara what's kate got to do with this story, she's not a slut and a drug head, taylor can't act and she is so clueless she doesn't have an IK. I don't know if she can sing, rather listen to Miley


Since when do looks make good music? Besides, Swifty looks like she's always giving the stink-eye. The Black Crowes play BLUES. Know where country music came from? Appalachian songs & the blues. God, you teeny-boppers who think these people are talented, didn't your parents teach you about music? I mean,even if they were born in the 80's, there was so much variety: punk, new wave, rock, standard. Nowadays e-v-e-r-y song sounds the same. What a shame...


Sorry folks, I realize I'm just another douchebag that doesn't know my ass from a hole in the ground, and that anybody that agrees with me is even stupider than me, so I hope you'll excuse me so I can go suck on my crack pipe. P.S... Marian, thank you for licking my butthole clean, see you again tonight!


Thank GOD someone finally said it. Just because you work hard, it DOES NOT mean you are talented! The music industry harps on about how piracy is killing the business. Fuck piracy! It's repetitive, mass-produced, formulaic spoon-fed CRAP that's killing the industry! Intense PR, sex and auto-tune doth not a great song make.