Cher Turns Back Time in VMA Body Suit

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Few fashion statements could realistically the thunder of Lady Gaga's meat dress at last night's MTV Video Music Awards, but Cher certainly tried her best.

Presenting Gaga with the Video of the Year honor, Cher graced the Nokia Theater stage in a bodysuit reminiscent of her "If I Could Turn Back Time" video.

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That video was filmed in 1989. Cher is now 64 years old. Still, she rocks it pretty darn well. Seeing the music icon in this makes us ponder the obvious:

Cher: Would you hit it?


I'm with 'Why" on the talent comment, I'm old and still feel class can go a long way, but I guess having no class gets there also. I wish Cher had shown more class, I'm a fan, granted she has a wonderful body .... and a God-given gift for a voice, but I do feel in one of her long dresses she's a definite knock-out. In this outfit, though, she's just sad.


After all these year, you can't tell any difference, its Cher world, go girl!


Why does Cher still wear the same outfit she wore in '87 straddling the battleships cannon in her video? Doesnt she have anymore clothes? Very a fashion/image tragedy sort of way. Good for her for keeping in fabulous shape. But to me, she still looks like a cross between Dee Snider and Marilyn Manson.


Cher needs to act her age..that's a grandmother age! All she ever wanted was for a little respect..but respect has to be earned. Sonny was a congressman and she a hoe??


OMG! jealousy is alive as well i'm chers and i wish i had her body .she looks DAMN GOOD!Lady gaga gag is another story ...oh well just my opinion..


Plastic surgeons and anorexia is alive and well in Hollyweird. Crotch rot and moths should have destroyed Cher's outfit years ago. Lady Gaga meat dress is just another example of how ridiculous this generation is. There used to be a time when singers would deliver a powerful performance and didn't need all the hoopla. Talent was enough.

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