Cher Turns Back Time in VMA Body Suit

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Few fashion statements could realistically the thunder of Lady Gaga's meat dress at last night's MTV Video Music Awards, but Cher certainly tried her best.

Presenting Gaga with the Video of the Year honor, Cher graced the Nokia Theater stage in a bodysuit reminiscent of her "If I Could Turn Back Time" video.

Kylie Jenner Fashion

That video was filmed in 1989. Cher is now 64 years old. Still, she rocks it pretty darn well. Seeing the music icon in this makes us ponder the obvious:

Cher: Would you hit it?


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I am torn, Cher looks awesome, but......she could have looked so much classier. You still rock, tho, Cher! Lady GaGa ain't got nothin on you!


When I was a little girl, and watched the Sonny and CHer show, I wanted to be Cher! When I am 64, I want to be Cher. When has Cher ever been Appropriate is all I have to ask? She is just still so Cher!!!!


as someone who is not young i am sorry Cher had to come out like this / she looks terrific for her age but she is not performing anymore and ought to show a little class/ lady gaga take a look but doubt if gaga will look that good at 64/ cher could be beautiiful and she has no need to come out looking like a clown anymore she made it on her talent which will stand the test of time she doesn;t need to resort to the halloween costumes anymore


whats hot cher cher cher ... take note lady gaga.......u both r the bomb


Cher looks absolutely stunning body wise to be age 64 but truth is she doesn't need to dress this way. I am sure she feels good that she can but just because you can't doesn't mean you need to.


legendary cher


Whose hand is touching Cher's ass?


Body looks great, face looks aged. Cher will always be Cher.


Make no mistake,Cher has a fantasic figure especially for a woman who is well into her 60's, but the outfits that she wore in her heyday made many a magazine cover.She now looks like a disco/biker babe.


Back in the day when Cher was the second banana to Sonny, she somehow managed to look like a superstar. She won Bob Mackie gowns and was well coiffed and women the world over copied her casual styles.In recent years Cher is a close second to that hairy member of The Addams Family, Cousin Itt. With the fortune that Cher has amassed she surely can afford to wear a full outfit that doesn't make her look like something out of Wild Kingdom!!