Celebrity Hair Affair: Katherine Heigl Back to Blonde

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Katherine Heigl quitting the hit show Grey's Anatomy to star in films such as The Ugly Truth, Killers and Life As We Know It? A questionable decision at best.

A much more sound call was bringing back the blonde hair. After going brunette earlier this year, Heigl returns to her signature color and light blonde bob.

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Think that was a positive switch? Vote in our survey below:

What's Katie's best hair color?


She went brunette for her new film, One for the Money in which she plays bond agent, Stephanie Plum.


Its yellow not blonde, so gross! I love katherine & you would think her being so rich she could afford a decent hairdresser who would dye her properly!


In regard to the survey question she actually should go somewhere in between those pictured colors. The brown is too dark for her skin tone and that blonde shade(or yellow) is too light. A more natural looking blond or dark blond would do her wonders. JMO.


How is it questionable? Have you seen Grey's ratings? Apart from Killers all her movies have done very well and she is earning $15m a movie. Thats 4 years Grey's salary. Sounds like she's pretty smart to me.

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