Caroline Manzo Absolutely Berates Danielle Staub in Court Deposition

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Caroline Manzo hates Danielle Staub. Don't we all.

Until now, we've never heard her explain how she feels in this kind of detail, however. In a recent court deposition for Staub's legal war with her ex-husband Kevin Maher, her Real Housewives co-star Caroline tore her a new one.

TMZ's new footage of the Jersey housewife absolutely berating Staub, who she calls a "deranged, pathological liar, sociopath, con artist" is classic.

Kevin Maher is demanding $10 million for alleged defamation by Danielle, and Manzo was testifying before the court. Let's just say she didn't hold back.

Caroline Manzo claims Staub told stories about her alleged abusive past with Maher - including situations in which Maher allegedly raped Staub on broken glass, killed her dog and "inserted a pistol up her vagina" to play Russian Roulette.

Manzo sarcastically muses if those events all took place simultaneously. Staub has claimed Maher has "no evidence" she made those remarks ... sure.

Later, when asked about Staub's "propensity for truthfulness," Manzo unloads. It's worth following the link to watch the three-minute clip, trust us.


Caroline has a vendetta against Danielle. Caroline is an orange-haired windbag who needs to get over her arrogant self. She knows that Danielle is no dummy who sees clearly what that whole 'family' is about. Caroline is undone by people she cannot control. She's a sad, miserable, judgmental, hypocritical clown who needs to GET A LIFE. This lawsuit is stupid. Hope the judge laughs it out of the courtroom.


Caroline's husband is gay. Caroline is a man. Caroline needs to shut up about Danielle and tend to her own life. Hope the judge is wise enough to see through the Manzo crapola.


All kidding aside, I have had many laughs at Danielle's expense, she is a dangerous person.
For the life of me, I don't understand why her behavior is rewarded? She actually has fans? That is the most disturbing thing I've heard in a long time.
Love Caroline, she cracks me up.


Danielle needs to invent her lies and life. She has none and needs to be accepted by people. It is a shame the way she acts and the things she does in front of her beautiful girls. This will harm them some where alone the line. As for the other women, Caroline, Dina, Jacquie and Teresa, they are upfront and honest and as for Teresa and the money situation if that is all she does wrong in life then so what.


Oh please! This is too funny! It just goes to show that money can't buy you class! (Thanks Countess!)


No, I don't hate Danielle Staub. I don't know her and I don't believe all of that trash talk this Caroline Manzo has been hurling for 2 years. Maybe Ms. Manzo needs to look at her own family. Was it not Ms. Manzo's father in law who was killed mafia style and stuffed naked in the trunk of his Lincoln Continental sporting a few bullet holes? Caloline Manzo said so many times that she and Danielle Staub have never spoke. She nade it a point to say that they naver spoke and that she would never be friends with Danielle. But now Caroline Manzo has all of this dirt that Danielle told her about her former husband? Sounds like Caroline is just a little full of bullsh**.


A body language specialist will tell you that the first 2/3 of her interview, she is lying.


They need to settle this once and for all the only real way - cage match style.


I can't stand either one of these "ladies". They both seem to belong in a trailor park for white trash. Neither have any class, but are really making a lot of money making fools of themselves on this show. Did they graduate from high school, I think not.

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