Bryan Masche and Jennifer Masche: Legally Separated

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The idiocy of Bryan Masche has gotten him in trouble with the law and with his wife.

A week after the Raising Sextuplets star got arrested for disorderly conduct and threats of domestic violence, wife Jennifer has filed for legal separation.

During the incident in Arizona, Masche allegedly screamed profanities at his wife and threatened to "flatten" his father-in-law. He was released on bail and is awaiting a hearing next month.

Prior to the new season of the latest reality show to exploit little children, WE television admitted that the couple was seeing a relationship counselor. Guess that didn't go very well.

Now, Jon Gosselin might have competition for who can bed the most mediocre women in the country.


Ever since I started watching this show, my husband always says "HE'S A FLAMMING FAGGOT"!!! Lol


This guy always gave me goosebumps. EVERY episode included multiple moments that he creeped me out! Remember the episode when he pushed his 18-month-old son down a twirly slide? The baby tumbled down, started crying, was scared and possibly hurt - and Bryan started laughing. Or when he put the power drill up to his baby? When he tried on the silicone breasts? He is really rough with the kids, too. Also, it is OBVIOUS to see... He is gay! OBVIOUS! It's awkward when he kisses Jenny, too. Just wish he would come-out already. Jenny is so beautiful. Inside and out. She deserves better.




Diane, I suspect that too, maybe that's where all the rage comes from, he's in total denial. Or just a big ol' straight floppy guy with a gay lisp. Heh.


I totally agree... I started watching this show late and can't believe the way he treats her!! I am sad that is has come to this but she deserves so much better


From the first episode I thought this guy was crazy. I hope she doesn't take him back. She is pretty and she supports him. He treats her like crap on the show and this in front of cameras. What is he like behind closed doors.


I agree with you on that. He is a looose cannon.


Or bedding the most mediocre MEN in the country. Watch and listen closely to Bryan Masche. I fully believe he is gay.

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