Brittney Jones Texts: I'm Pals with Demi Moore!

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Yesterday, we showed readers one way in which Brittney Jones has recently exposed herself. Yowza!

Now, the 21-year old who claims to have had an affair with Ashton Kutcher has bared all in a different setting: via text message.

Ashton Picture

What, Ashton worry? The actor has scoffed at reports that he stepped out on his wife.

Radar Online has somehow gotten its hands on a couple of texts Jones allegedly sent to a friend. In the first, Brittney actually says she's friends with Demi Moore; in the second, she looks down on all marriages between celebrities.

"I didn't break up any marriage, in fact Demi and I are good friends," Jones supposedly wrote to a friend.

It's unclear how this would be possible, considering Brittney claims she met Kutcher at a bowling alley and later enjoyed an evening of lovemaking with him on a living room sofa. Perhaps she shared a snack afterwards with Moore in the couple's kitchen.

As for the union between Ashton and Demi? Jones grouped it in with the contrived lifestyle of stars, texting her pal: "Don't believe everything you read about Hollywood 'marriages.'"

Brittney does want you to believe everything you read about her, however. She's earned such credibility, hasn't she?


If the allegation is true about him having sex with a 21 year old woman, then don't be surprised. If a man is married to a woman much older than him (a cougar), then there's a good possibility that he isn't sexually satisfied with his much older wife & thus he has a fling or in some cases an affair with a woman who is 21 years old. This further debunks that idea that older women have more libido or are in a sexual peak. There are rumors that Demi Moore uses anti-aging treatment whether it's Botox or plastic surgeries to look attractive. If this is true, then using Botox & or plastic surgeries to look attractive is not a sexual peak.


"Ashton doesn't say much". Yeah, because it's probably TRUE. Funny how these people will sue tabloids for false stories but not this girl? As for being "a slut" because she f*cked a married man - WHAT ABOUT HIM?? HE'S the one that's MARRIED, not her. His mom must be proud.


Ashton doesn't say very much - and the Jones girl is all talk. I don't believe her. If she can brag about having an affair with a married man, as far as I'm concerned she's a tramp and a slut. .Her mother must be proud of her.

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