Brittney Jones Sex Tape: Reportedly in Existence!

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You won't believe this... but the woman who has gone public with an alleged Ashton Kutcher affair; who is referred to as a "gold-digger" by friends; and who has posed for a series of naked photos might have also starred in a sex tape.

We'll give you a few moments to accept this shocking news regarding Brittney Jones.

Brittney Jones Photo

Let's hope a Brittney Jones sex tape involves hotter shots than this.

An ex-boyfriend has revealed to Radar Online that he and Britteny engaged in multiple sex acts a few years ago, all of which he recorded on his cell phone. Was Jones into it?

"She was definitely into it," said the anonymous former lover.

This random dude says the pair filmed each other "having sex in various positions," as they dated on and off for awhile until six months ago, when the relationship ended due to Brittney's cheating ways.

We wonder what good friend Demi Moore has to say about this. Jones will probably discuss it the next time these two meet for coffee.

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the sextape under w.w.w.supondo.c.o.m


well i definately see why ashton took Brittney Jones number - the girl is cute - but she is definately dirty - one night stand with a celebrity and she is becoming a pornstar - wow this is fast and really self-sacrificing wached her sextape at celebrity pirates ....well u cant tell she is stupid until u meet her - but she act stupid thats for sure....


I think we are being punk*d. I think this is part of a machiavellian scheme on Ashton's part, he's probably got a new show in the works, or...maybe he just wants to expose the media for accepting as fact, words that come out of a morally dubious 21 year old's mouth?


Namaste, Another sex-tape? Are these folks getting whispers in their ears from the demon to make a sextape? I can put out a videostore with only celeb-sextapes. Make a lot of money and maybe become a celeb myself. In the end making a sextape myself. And only ending up in a world to hurt. How ironlicly. You are all a buch of wankers of yourselves. Bringing out a sextape like you are all a bunch of pornstars. That's not the way to be famous my friends. Haven't they told you that in showbizness? Ohm shanti.