Brittney Jones Pictures: Leaked, Racy, Available Here

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According to Brittney Jones, she had sex with Ashton Kutcher on a couch in the living room he shares with wife Demi Moore.

An insider familiar with this 21-year old claims her story is true because Jones is "totally the type" to go after a famous, rich man.

Whether or not you believe the allegation, one thing is now for certain: readers can get an up-close view of just what Kutcher supposedly tapped while his family was out of the house.

Brittney Jones Picture

Photos of Brittney Jones nude have leaked online, as a source tells Radar Online this self-proclaimed mistress is “a hard partier [who] always drank a lot."

That might explain these images, as Jones looks dead to the world. On her back. In her birthday suit. Is this a sight with which Ashton Kutcher is familiar? That's up to you to decide.

Brittney Jones Nude
Brittney Jones Naked

Does this look familiar, Ashton?


Its amazing because this video has been out for some time now and look..
Cant believe how good the video actually was. This Brittney Tape was well produced.


well i definitely see why Ashton took Brittney Jones number - the girl is cute - but she is definitely dirty - one night stand with a celebrity and she is becoming a pROnstar - wow this is fast and really self-sacrificing - watched her tape at celebrity pirates
..well u cant tell she is stupid until u meet her - but she act stupid that's for sure

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