Bristol Palin on Underage Bar Visit: Nacho Problem!

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Never far from controversy or the spotlight, Bristol Palin was spotted at an Alaska bar last week while rehearsing and taping a segment for Dancing With the Stars.

The 19-year-old's excuse for being there all comes down to ... nachos.

A segment Bristol taped for DWTS inside Rumrunner's Old Towne Bar and Grill Thursday sparked a state investigation (seriously). But Bristol should be fine.

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Back off (and vote for) Mark and Bristol! [Photos:]

"The place is also a restaurant ... so under 21 is allowed under Alaska law if she is accompanied by a person over 21, which she was," says a Palin source.

Bristol was with partner Mark Ballas, 24, during the segment, and moreover, the source is adamant that "Bristol had nachos only," which TMZ's pics support.

So far, the Alaska Department of Public Safety has no comment on the matter, but if it's a bona fide restaurant, and she was there to eat, what's the big deal?

We can't believe we're saying this, but ... leave Bristol alone!!!!!! You can boo Sarah Palin all you like, but let the girl enjoy some nachos in peace ... right?


KarenJ, stop being a bitch and leave the girl enjoy a few nachos every once in a while. Seriously. That being said, I think her mother and the whole Palin clan is despicable.


I'm just curious -- WHY was Bristol chowing down on 1,000 calories of cheesy loaded nachos (I've seen a picture of the plate in front of her) when she's got an obvious pot belly she's been trying to hide every time the papparazzi are in range, and her upper arms are flabby and pudgy, over-emphasized by those long gloves she wore a couple of nights ago in her dance routine?


If the nachos are stuck together its just one nacho


boss koss! what a sicko liberal!


PhillipJames says it correctly! My sentiments exactly!


A semi underage kid did or did not have a drink. Who cares happens all day every day all over America.


not true philipjames. i was there. not only was she drinking, there were body shots involved. and topless dancing. true story. i cannot WAIT til this gets out.


This is important because the Palin haters think it is. A Lisa Murkowski supporter in the booze branch of government in Alaska dropped all his regular work and rushed out trying to find video of Bristol drinking so that he could embarrass the Palins. Unfortunately for him, there is none as Bristol was there with Mark to watch him play and sing. There are several legal reasons she could be there... i.e. someone accompanying her over 21 and this is a restaurant as well as a bar and kids are in there all the time with their parents.
But, those liberal dolts out there who live and breath hate for Sarah Palin and subsequently end up in hospital with ulcers and worse, keep trying to dig into every little thing the Palins do to try to hurt them. This, plus the boo bull crap, are prime examples of what Conservatives long ago labeled as Palin Derangement Syndrome... now recognized as a true mental condition only manifesting itself in the genetically inferior liberal brain.

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