Bryan Masche, Raising Sextuplets Father, Arrested for Bad Behavior

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Maybe, just maybe, it's a bad idea to place cameras in front of a someone already dealing with the stress of multiple children.

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    after watching every episode of this show it was apparent Bryan had lots of issues. He was just a timb bomb waiting to explode, he has exploded numerous times on the show and if he behaves that badly in front of cameras God only knows what happens behind closed doors. She is much better off without him.


    You could see this guy had issues from the start...a little psychotic I would say...Jenny get your bags packed and move back to your parents in Arizona...this egg just cracked!!!


    Just watched 3 episodes in a row. It is clear that this dude would probably be okay if he didn't have kids or just had 1. He is far too immature. Wants to be taken care of, even as he asserts his "I'm the man" so the women should just acquiesce and know her role - namely, to take care of everything including him. Moving away from a support network was incredibly idealistic. If you thought things were difficult with the network nearby, thinking that it would improve without it was foolhardy. Repeated statements that fending for themselves would make them stronger is also very idealistic at this point. She deserves to be acting out... not him... sadly this will end in the same way as the gosselins.... god help the children!


    I think the guy is just plain overwhelmed, but who wouldn't be with six children all the same age. There are times on the show when his wife should keep her mouth shut. For the life of me, I don't know why they moved so far away from their families. One would assume they could use all the help that is available.


    This was bound to happen. He was always losing his temper on the show and acting like a jerk. I predict that they eventually get a divorce. Too much pressure for him I'm afraid. It's sad.


    Why is it always the guy? It takes two--no one is there when the cameras are off? Outside influences can be a problem. Maybe their parents were too involved with raising the kids and that's why they needed to move. We don't know so we shouldn't assume.


    He's just mean and smiles and smiles for the cameras and the therapists like its all her . I hear her giving in and saying its her all the time when shes the one carrying the load of it all . To me , shes the sane one and handles alot of childcare , housework, and work shes one strong woman. Sorry but it really pissed me off when he called her Kate , someone HAS to step up clearly it isnt gonna be him so if things need done shes doing them. Sad that He and John are so immature that their needs and wants seem to come first . Maybe he'll grow up eventually , kids can help ya do that.Okay done bashing , I hope he gets the help he needs to make the best with his family . Times are hard , having the multiples has to be hard and challenging hopefully he can , they can ... make this work for everyones sake.


    Just like Jon and Kate, the show started out with a couple who had issues but seemed to work through them. But recently Brian has been verbally abusive to his wife and pretty full of himself. The fact that he chose the house and picked the paint colors without her input and then whined when she dared suggest color changes showed how controlling and childish he has become. They seem like a nice couple so I hope they do okay. I wondered why they moved from AZ-she made comments that suggested they needed to be living away from family and on their own. That seemed troubling at the time and even more now.


    I watch this show and this guy is verbally abusive. She is a beautiful woman and he is a dick. He needs help. Not suprised at all.


    I knew there was something wrong with this guy when I first started watching their TV show.

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