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"I treat those boys like they are my own because that's how I love."

I hate comments like that coming from women who have NO kids of their own. If you don't have kids of your own, you have no clue how you would treat them. You have no clue what you're comparing it to. You think you're treating someone else's kids like you would treat your imaginary-pure-fiction kids of your own?

Is this how she would treat her own kids? Break up their family, and deprive them of the chance to know what it's like to live in a home with Mom and Dad? - I guess that's how she loves.


Leann is totally wrong in this situation. They should have called Brandi when they took her brandis son to the ER. Leann is nopt their mother just their fathers girlfriend. I can't wait for Eddie to find someone new then Leann will know how it feels. Once a cheater always a cheater


If it were my child, I would definitely wanted to be notified! I don't think Brandi cares about LeAnn's life....she just cares about her kids and knowing that they're being watched and taken care of.

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