Behind the Bryan and Jenny Masche Marriage, Split

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On June 11, 2007, Bryan and Jenny Masche welcomed six children into their world, three boys and three girls. Two years later, they let cameras into their home for the reality show Raising Sextuplets.

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    Seriously Whittle
    those kids look great, they speak well, their motorskills are fine. They might be a bit behind for their age but they were born way to early so for that i think they are doing great and i don't think any of them has down syndrome.

    I think it's sad this family has split up.. I love watching the show, Jenny is a great mum and as for Brian he is a product made by the way his dad (mostly) and his mum raised him.. Cant blaim him.


    sorry for my above message, my EYE PAD IS SPELLING FOR ME.....SOME ONE PUT A RESTRICTN CODE ON MY DEVICE AND its 4 am! well. aare the still in a shiw some where? peace.


    for the firsttime I wittness this awfull poor family. it is jan 31. 2012' i thought this was the shiw that has the tall blond pguy wth the blond woman? well anyway,the way he said HOSE THE KIDS OFF INSTEAD OF GIVING THEM A BATH....WAS NOT KOOL,ITWQSNdisrespectful and I cant stand it..Lugs tyem undernarmpits!

    I am sure she reallyntried to make it work,but npw one needs to be treated like that not her you or a nasty stranger..Has she marries her bo?I dont approve of her dsting a man thata is married. ARGG THAT IS NEVER ANGOOD THINGSHHHHQIIJJ


    sorry but they were a really good couple. yeah bryan got arrested who cares that was in the past and all the kids probably miss there father. :(.


    Prayer, nor loser marriage counselors, can help this marriage. She shouldn't have had any children with this loser.


    He is one angry guy-way too much anger. He is an a hole. He made a comment that she emasculated him like Kate did to Jon. HE is the sicko not her. She tries so hard to use the skills" their marriage counselor gave them, and tries her best not to immaculate the loser. At least Jon and Kate lasted many more years - even with their sextuplets. He just (on the repeat I am watching) told her to 'sit on his face!!" Poor baby, he has a cold. He is yelling through this whole show. I hope she got to Florida and ran like hell!!!!


    I am watching the show when they are looking for a house. He is a scary guy. I wouldn't walk near water near him, much less sleep next to him. I hope she got divorced. He all of a sudden wants to move to Florida. He is a sicko!!


    So shocked to hear of the split. I wonder if they will get back together. As a Mum of twins under one, I know how snappy I get at times. Once there is a lack of respect in the words you use, then it's hard to get it back. Jenny must feel let down.


    Bryan was so out order!!


    Is there going to be a show in 2011 or 2012?

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