Barack Obama: Our Socialist, Muslim President**

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Responding to various tabloids and legions of Glenn Beck fans, Newsweek labels U.S. President Barack Obama is a “Terrorist-Coddling, Warmongering, Wall Street-Loving, Socialistic, Godless Muslim President” this week - with an asterisk.

The asterisk, of course, notes that he isn’t any of these things.

** - He's really not.

Or is he? Some people will believe anything and probably call Newsweek "just another liberal rag" for suggesting he's NOT a socialist. Some people are also idiots.

But hey, notice that the asterisk appears after the word President? Maybe that's their way of saying he isn't even a U.S. Citizen and should be impeached! NOW!!

The conspiracies will likely never end among the uninformed. But enough out of us. Let's hear what you think: Is President Obama a Muslim?


so wat ?
even if he's a muslim
its not lyk muslims are monsters !
some are good , others r bad .. doesn't make 'em a bad person
so if he's a Jew or Christian its okay ?? but not a muslim
wat kind of crap is this


Well, if y'all watch this video on YouTube titled "The most dangerous Barack Obama video ever!!! Twitter: AngelicStarseed"... y'all may think otherwise.


This is a pretty extreme cover. Sometimes I think Newsweek is desperate for some sales. This stupid cover will obviusly plant strange ideas in strange people's heads. This is more like the cover of a rag sheet than a supposedly legitimate news magazine.


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