Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore: How Bad Will It Get?

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Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are putting on a united front.

In the face of infidelity allegations against the former, both sides of the couple have threatened legal action against Star Magazine and appear more content than ever during public appearances. Heck, they're even Tweeting photos of each other in bed. To wit:

But sources say there's friction between Ashton and Demi, not just over what Brittney Jones has claimed, but over other secrets that are yet to leak out.

"There is a lot more information to come out," a source tells Pop Eater. "If the two of them think this is all going to go away now that they have been seen together in public, they are mistaken. The floodgates have been opened."

How ominous.

Meanwhile, don't expect the tabloids to let up. An editor at Star makes it clear that his magazine will be dedicating all its resources to this story:

"[It's] generating huge buzz and it's only getting bigger. Now, Demi is on the cover of PEOPLE because of this scandal. If the sales numbers are good on Monday for Star and PEOPLE, you can bet more dirt will be dug up."

Do you think Ashton cheated?

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Demi needs a class in grace. Everyday of her married life with Ashton she is reminded of getting older and him not aging. It is human nature that a young man of his age will always be more attractive to younger ladies. Demi had her fun now it is time to move on. I know she is embrassed but she should look at it as it was good while it lasted.


I am waiting for the other women to come out of the wood work and spill the beans. I had a feeling that this was what was happening amd I am sorry for Demi to have to tolerate these types of sexual games to hang on to this younger man. Can;t imagine what her daughters must be thinking.


He cheated yes common he is so young and intelligent he knows that is was going to happen, so bad it sounds for Demi. She should not have risked it all for a guy like Ashton. He's wild, don't you see how he grew up? A famous actor so young can't be held in a golden cage ever! He'll find another love, maybe marry again and again, he doesn't seem the type who likes boredom.


27 way too young to get married? What is old enough on your home planet, 50?


-_- people who are hating on Demi are jealous


Two words...Who cares? The boy is 15 years younger than she is (3 years younger than me, and that's too young), so it stands to reason that as she hits 47 and he's 32 that he probably will have a roaming eye. I've never been an Ashton fan so I wouldn't look at him either. Sorry Demi, you should've stayed with someone your own age.


butt out of their business, spread love not hate...


Trying too hard. If he didn't cheat, and they both know it, then they don't need to try so hard to prove it!


Woman wearing glasses is sexy.
Brittney Jones (aka GOLD DIGGING BITCH PUSSY)is looking to "cash in".
Kutcher should be with a younger richer sexier chick...wearing glasses.
But the most important comment i wanna make is.....


you guys are all losers/haters. prob just jealous you aren't hot enough to get a younger man! get a life, matter of fact, get therapy for all that anger!

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