Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas: Spotted, Going Strong... on Verge of Engagement?!?

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Following a guest-starring sting on Hot in Cleveland, Joe Jonas will next appear on 90210.

But it's not the singer's acting career that fans care about; it's his burgeoning, confirmed relationship with Ashley Greene!

The two young stars were first spotted together in early August, but a reliable source claims they've been dating for four months... and things are getting very serious.

Say hello to... Gonas? Ashley and Joe need a nickname. Submit your best!

Ashley and Joe spent the weekend in Jacksonville, Florida, the city in which Greene's parents reside. Said a witness to E! News:

"They were there with two other couples and at first went unnoticed. Then they moved to the back corner for more privacy. They were very cute together; she was caressing him, they were making out and holding hands."

The witness added that a lot of people were "asking for pictures" with the couple because the area doesn't get many celebrities.

Greene and Jonas arrived around 10 p.m. and left a few hours later because the attention got out of hand: "The whole bar was excited," said the insider.

Meanwhile, anonymous friends claim Joe planned to ask Ashley's parents for permission to marry their daughter, but we'll believe that report when we see a ring on her singer. For now, let's focus on more immediate concerns:

These two need a nickname, stat! Jeene? Gonas? You tell us!


I think that Joe and Ashley are not so good for eachother. Although age shouldn't be a huge factor in a relationship, I feel that Ashley is too old and mature for Joe. Besides, I don't even think they know eachother very well. I think it would have been better off if Joe and Demi continued dating...


twilight and camp rock love them hope all goes well


Ashley greene is just so mest up!!! Joe is a jerk who is totally unconsiderate of other people's feelings.thats my prediction of why demi went to get help because he dumped her and then told is girlfriend to join them on the tour so demi would suffer and feel jealous but thats so sick i used to have a crush on joe jonas until now becuase i realized he's a heart breaker!!! hate you 4 ever stupid joe jonas!!! i feel for you demi


This is retarded it was better with joe n demi im nt sayin theres anything rong with ashley its jus they dnt go good together


It should be Jashley


Well i don't like it at all, I think he was better with Demi and with his history of dating it probably won't last long because he will get bored like he has with every other girl he's been with. He also has a habit of moving on fast like after 2 months or a few weeks after breaking up with the girl he's with and people will see that he only broke up with Demi because Ashley court his eye and it's getting excited of a new toy and leaving the one you already have. If this ends I just hope he understands it's not a game to play with other peoples feeling because they get hurt in the end, also he doesn't seem to be hurting after the breakup with Demi it's like he didn't care how she was feeling at all.


Ashley is ugly but joe is the best they are not good couple but when he was with demi it was the best couple Ashley and Joe need a nickname .


Yes JOSHLEY sounds perfect to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@Joe Jonas' Number 1 Fan
He broke up with Demi.... he was tired of her, Why would he want to make her jealous??? Doesn't make sense to me, get over him and Demi, he has moved on, who wants Demi anyway??? She is fugly, Selena or Taylor maybe but Demi??? She is ugly and the only talent she has is her singing and well Joe can sing for himself so get over it!!


This is bullshit!! Joe looked better with Demi Lovato :) By dating Ashley, he is just hurting Demi's feelings!! Demi is Joe's ex-girlfriend and i think he is just dating Ashley Greene to make Demi jealous!! I LOVE JEMI better than JOASHLEY!! Joe should be going out with Demi not Ashley :(

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