Angelina Jolie Visits Flood Victims in Pakistan

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When tabloids make up stories about the Kardashians, they respond instantly on their blogs and then go pose on the red carpet of some Las Vegas event.

When tabloids make up stories about Angelina Jolie, she ignores the nonsense and then heads to impoverished areas to help with her time and money. We're just saying: perhaps some people out there should re-evaluate their celebrity role models.

Angelina in Pakistan

Angelina Jolie dedicates herself to charitable causes around the globe unlike any other A-lister out there. She's seen here in Pakistan.

Most recent case in point: Jolie landed in Pakistan this week and visited a a camp set up for people displaced by massive flooding in the Peshawar region. Said the United Nations goodwill ambassador:

“I am very moved by them and I hope that I am able to, today and tomorrow, be able to do something to help bring attention to the situation for all of the people in need in Pakistan.”

A little over a week ago, Clay Aiken posted a video online that asked viewers to donate money to this same cause. Watch it NOW and give thanks that stars such as these exist.


Glad to see both of these people receiving the accolades they so richly deserve. So happy to see positive things written about Clay. Great entertainer and humanitarian.


Clay and Angelina are good people. It's always nice to have articles written about good people and not the trash that is always in the tabloids. These are the sort of people kids need to look up to.
PS: Clay has a wonderful voice, he deserves more recognition.


thanks for giving these two beautiful people kudos for doing good things BEHIND the camera. Some celebrities only come out to help when it will generate publicity for themselves. Angelina is a GREAT actress and Clay is a GREAT singer.


It seems that Angelina Jolie and Clay Aiken (and a few others) do what they feel is right to give back or use their celebrity for good causes, yet that seems to annoy people. I think they are just good people who happen to be very talented


I think Angelina Jolie does many, many good works and is a fantastic actress-don;t think any of us know about her personal life. Clay Aiken also does many good things. I have read lots about his Inclusion foundation for children. Don't know why he gets such bad press. I also think the man has a fantastic voice. Does anyone know why he is not a big music star?


The fact that Angelina and Clay work tirelessly to bring attention to those who need our help is heart warming.These two truly give back asking nothing in return for themselves...I admire them both.


Andy I agree with you. Clay Aiken has done so much for UNICEF and for inclusion of children. I do not understand why people have so much hate for celebrities ( Angelina) who try and help. Go hate on the Brittany`s and Paris Hilton`s of the world.


Nice article about Angelina and glad to see Clay Aiken being mentioned in a positive way, it's not just his fans who can see what he does. Thanks!


She truly is an inspiration for all the time, effort and financial support she puts into these very important causes. While other stars spend the millions of dollars they have going to buy designer clothes, bags, shoes, multiple houses and expensive cars, etc, Angelina is in Pakistan. Angelina is very rich and very blessed, and to see her using her celebrity status to get the word out about important causes like this is amazing. You have written multiple stories about Angelina travelling around the world to use her resources to help others in any way she can. I don't think Angelina cares about the 'Goodwill Ambassador' title itself, as she has never flaunted it or anything. She just wants to be a good person and bless others. So many people need help around the world, and Angelina never stops helping. With other celebrities today being poor role models for the younger generation, I'm thankful we all have Angelina to look up to for her outstanding efforts internationally.


If the media reported the good stuff like this it would certainly help to brighten the day and to also inspire others. Thanks for covering this and for giving Clay Aiken some recognition. He is a wonderful entertainer and a class act.


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