Angelina Jolie Visits Flood Victims in Pakistan

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When tabloids make up stories about the Kardashians, they respond instantly on their blogs and then go pose on the red carpet of some Las Vegas event.

When tabloids make up stories about Angelina Jolie, she ignores the nonsense and then heads to impoverished areas to help with her time and money. We're just saying: perhaps some people out there should re-evaluate their celebrity role models.

Angelina in Pakistan

Angelina Jolie dedicates herself to charitable causes around the globe unlike any other A-lister out there. She's seen here in Pakistan.

Most recent case in point: Jolie landed in Pakistan this week and visited a a camp set up for people displaced by massive flooding in the Peshawar region. Said the United Nations goodwill ambassador:

“I am very moved by them and I hope that I am able to, today and tomorrow, be able to do something to help bring attention to the situation for all of the people in need in Pakistan.”

A little over a week ago, Clay Aiken posted a video online that asked viewers to donate money to this same cause. Watch it NOW and give thanks that stars such as these exist.

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I agree it is heartwarming to see these two celebrities giving of their time and effort. Yes, they have a lot of money, which I am sure they donate as well. But at the same time they both try and inspire others to do the same. Well done. Also glad that Clay Aiken is given a little credit for his efforts. It is about time that the press moves on about both of them and prints stories about them that really matter. They at least try..good for them!

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Doesn't Angelina have a 40Million VACATION home in Italy? Could go along way in helping Pakistan...


she is amazing!!!
i soo wanted to meet her but she came and went i didnt even knoo=(


Angelina Jolie is a great woman in hollowod film industeries, and she a part work of social worker and perform to humanity ground.


Angie is amazing truly amazing. Thank you so much!!


in my point of view,she is so nice and humble because she felt the pain of flood effected people of Pakistan.she donated more then our wealthy President and Prime minister.
Thank you Angelina and thank you Clay.we are very thankful to you.


Angelina looks SO gorgeous here. I've loved Clay Aiken ever since he was on Idol. He even worked with special ed kids. What a sweetheart. G-d bless you both!


Thank you Angelina.
Thank you Clay. For "walking the walk."


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