Angelina Jolie Visits Flood Victims in Pakistan

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When tabloids make up stories about the Kardashians, they respond instantly on their blogs and then go pose on the red carpet of some Las Vegas event.

When tabloids make up stories about Angelina Jolie, she ignores the nonsense and then heads to impoverished areas to help with her time and money. We're just saying: perhaps some people out there should re-evaluate their celebrity role models.

Angelina in Pakistan

Angelina Jolie dedicates herself to charitable causes around the globe unlike any other A-lister out there. She's seen here in Pakistan.

Most recent case in point: Jolie landed in Pakistan this week and visited a a camp set up for people displaced by massive flooding in the Peshawar region. Said the United Nations goodwill ambassador:

“I am very moved by them and I hope that I am able to, today and tomorrow, be able to do something to help bring attention to the situation for all of the people in need in Pakistan.”

A little over a week ago, Clay Aiken posted a video online that asked viewers to donate money to this same cause. Watch it NOW and give thanks that stars such as these exist.


She had a rocky start but she is at heart a good woman and a beautiful lady also we love her and always remember her her in our prayers may GOD give her more and more happiness and blessing {ameen}.....................................


PHEW !! Such negative comments .... and those of you are have the time it takes to bash this woman .... well, let's see. Oh yes, you could spend said time trying to help make this world a little better, or even your community. I doubt Angeline has much time to give a hoot as to these newspaper rags, and I really think she's just too intelligent to pay heed to senseless babble such as the above. Get out there people, donate something: time, money if you can, clothes to a shelter .... walk a mile blah blah blah. How many stars or wannabes do Nothing with their time, and resources? Let's see, oh yeah, too many.


Angelina Jolie is incredible.. CUZ I'M THE MIZ & I'M AWESOME


Does it get more awesome than Angelina Jolie you asked me in the email you sent. Yes. How about a woman who DOESN'T sleep with other women's husbands and make shitty comments about the woman she is stabbing in the back in the process. How about a woman with morals and a sense of self respect? That would be more awesome.


I see nothing real in her. All phoney


She needs to be a home being a mother to her children. Good deeds do not erase who you really are.


She is a nasty women period, you can not redeem yourself with good deeds and money.....


Angelina Jolie is nothing but an attention seeker. Why doesn't she stay at home and give some emotional support to her children. I know she has nannies, but that is not the point, a Mother is a Mother no nanny can take that place.I think she is trying to make up for her sordid past. I don't like her at all.


Role model? I don't think so.


She had a rocky start but she is at heart a good woman.


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