Ali Lohan Models Lindsay Lohan Clothing Line

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Move over, Kendall Jenner. You aren't the only celebrity sibling looking to make a splash in the modeling world and channel your poor role model sister(s)!

Lindsay Lohan's younger sister, Ali Lohan, stars in new ads for Lindsay's 6126's spring/summer 2011 collection, donning lace and cleavage-baring dresses.

Ali Lohan is 16. Just saying.

Ali Channels Lindsay
Ali Gets Skanky

Ali Lohan epitomizes sophistication and class.

Inspired by Marilyn Monroe, the line "salutes modern women who understand that confidence can be bewitching and classic sophistication is always in vogue."

Right. More like "inspired by cocaine, the line salutes modern women who emulate promiscuous, spoiled brats who never take responsibility for their actions."

Maybe Ali should model an orange jumpsuit instead.


Time to face the music armed with this great ionrfmaiton.


Are we actually shocked at the sight of a 16 year old girl showing cleavage? Seriously? There are few 16 year old girls who don't want to look sexy in some way. She's a teenage girl becoming a young adult and discovering her sexuality. That's normal as long as she doesn't let it all hang out. Miley Cyrus and yes, even innocent Selena Gomez were showing cleavage BEFORE THEY HIT 16. Girls were doing that and trying to be sexy when I was in middle school, starting at 10 or 11. At least Ali waited until she was 16. Taylor Momsen isn't even a Lohan sister but at Ali's age she was already smoking cigarettes and walking down the street in her underwear + garters.


Why so harsh against the Lohan sisters? The writer of this article sounds like she is jealous, like she sits at home overweight in an armchair wishing she could get out and pursue her dreams, hiding behind the author name of this article "Free Britney", Geez, go free yourself and stop insulting Ali Lohan and her family, you freak.


Woah! Why the vitriol?

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