Adam Lambert on Cameraman Clash: I Was Provoked

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A few days after Adam Lambert tussled briefly with a cameraman (who proceeded to actually run to the cops over the incident), the singer appeared on the Nick and Nina Show on Y100 yesterday and explained his side of the confrontation.

Lambert calmly said that he had posed for pictures for about 45 minutes. He understands that the presence of the paparazzi is "part of the gig" for any celebrity.

But the photographer refused to stop snapping away, even after Adam said he asked the guy to give him a break because he just wanted to "kick it, eat some food and have a Piña Colada." Listen to Lambert's take below and then sound off in our poll:

Whose side are you on in this feud?


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Team Adam of course!


@stop crying, I would like to ask you, how many times has the paparazzi harassed Adam and he has kept calm? (there are videos) you don't know do you?, do your research before you trash people. Thank you.


I just posted above. YES!! team Adam.
Can you PLEASE put another Adam's picture on your main page? he has some AMAZING photos. TY


TEAM Adam for sure. The paps are SCUM BAGS!! they will do ANTHING to get the photo and make money. They are making me SICK!!!
And the %4 that are team Pap is they are the haters of Adam. They will do anything to be against Adam. Tells you HOW MUCH MORALS THEY HAVE.
We don't NEED or want them on team Adam.


I've been a fan of Adam Lambert since he was runner up on american idol. An the paparazzi seem to take it to far always, just to get that money making picture! Give Adam some free time and for those who don't like him, don't listen to his music. Just like on TV, if there's a show you dislike turn the channel. He's very talented and shouldn't be stereo typed because of his sexuality. Lady Gaga is talented to, but she takes it too far!


Oh, pleeeeeease ... The vast majority of paparazzi seem to be the lowest life form. They WILL NOT LET IT GO, and their methods are reprehensible ... I can't imagine a human being alive who wouldn't crack under their relentless harrassment ~ Not to mention that Adam Lambert is one of the more tolerant celebrities.


team paps! this guy needs to learn self control! the pap wasn't touching him! that is the price you pay when you are a musician or actor! you get lots of pay - so earn it! maybe adam needs a babysitter! lmao


Course team Adam, what kind of imbecile would be on the paps side.... unless they were paps (even then, it would be smart to be on Adams side).


What bugs me is people actually voting team papz. Disturbed is all I can call it.


I cringe when think about what that jerk could've said to make Adam snap like that,it must've been really nasty or personal.Adam is always happy and gives what everyone wants,the papz need to back off when asked,considering Adam had given them pics.Maybe Adam needs to reveal what was said,I bet it would put that jerk pap out of a job and be avoided by all celebs.