Worst Governor Ever: Sarah Palin Tries, Fails to Win Over Constituent

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If you thought Levi Johnston's run for mayor would be the funniest story regarding Alaska politics all day on THG, we wouldn't blame you. But think again!

A woman from Homer, Alaska recently made a 30-foot sign to welcome her state's former chief executive, Sarah Palin, to her hometown. Its simple message: 


Why Sarah didn't just ignore this, we have no idea. But she decided to confront the woman, who accused the ex-governor of being a money-hungry sellout.

"You swore on your precious Bible that you would uphold the interests of this state," she said. "Then, when cash was waved in front of your face, you quit."

Yup, pretty much.

Either baffled and serious or sarcastic and bitter (it's hard to tell), Palin responded: "Oh, you wanted me to be your governor! I'm honored. Thank you."

After the woman rips her for choosing celebrity status over her job, Sarah says to daughter Bristol Palin, "I'm honored that she thinks I'm a celebrity!"

Fist-pumpin' and runnin' in place, Sarah claims she's working to "elect candidates who understand the constitution, to protect our military interests so that we can keep on fightin' for the constitution, those protections, those freedoms."

That and getting rich, of course. Amazingly, Palin posted this on Facebook and lambasted the LSM (lame-stream media) for reporting the encounter.

"They claim I - wait for it - 'appear to roll my eyes' when the lady tells me that she's a teacher," she writes. "Maybe that's why Botox is all the rage - if you can't move your eyebrows, your 'eye rolling' can't be misinterpreted."

Couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Do you like Sarah Palin?


Jane, let's really clear some things up. I happened to have been in Homer that day working and witnessed the the exchange. Brito repeatedly referred to members of the opposition and media as a-holes. She acted like a spoiled, banal brat until (and even after, for that matter) Palin's flunkies tore down the sign. In the future, keep your comments to yourself


In America you are not discriminated against for being mentally challenged. In fact, if you can speak in cliches and wink like a spastic, you can be the leader of a band of mentally challenged people who think they can run the country. Americans are hilarious!


I love and support Glen Beck,God,Jesus,Moses and anyone else that can make it up the mountain to the burning bush.Go Glen,Go God let's take America back for the children ,not the drunk drivers or the soccer moms..


I would vote for anyone that can see Russia from their house. You Go Girl!


Horseface Pailin made more sense when she played basketball and looked like a dude.


I hope all you fucking haters get cancer. And your families. You are filth.


HAHAHAHA Sarah Palin had to confront an educated woman, a hard-working teacher, no less, who never quit her responsibilities to Alaska AND never got convicted on multiple ethics violations, even as a sitting Governor!!! Sarah has been called out on both state and federal code violations many times...She's a stooge and needs to clean up her act. BTW, shut up, Bristol, you total outright cheap, slutty bimbo. Who cares what you think? Go polish your nails!


Let's clear up some things. There was nothing on tape that her daughter used foul language other than that her mother is representing the United States. There was nothing on tape showing any of Palin's representatives taking down the sign. She wasn't dissing teachers - her father was a teacher as well as many in her family. As a matter of fact it seems some of Palin’s answer was edited. This is her response to the incident in context: http://www.facebook.com/note.p... At least Sarah Palin addresses her critics to which she has every right. When was the last time Obama had a press conference to answer questions? By the way where's your article on the Boy Scouts booing Obama?


Sarah Palin is a fraud...and that sure looked like rolling of the eyes to me..she's not only the WORSE governor ever, she's the WORST woman ever..she makes woman look stupid. How will they ever break the glass ceiling with bimbos like that...Hef's girlfriends have more brains.


Is it true that she can't keep her hands off of Levi Johnston's balls? Is that why she doesn't want imbecile Bristol Palin to marry him?

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