Will Lindsay Lohan Enablers, Leeches Return?

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Lindsay Lohan is a free woman, and looking healthy and happy.

That's cause for great celebration, certainly, but also for concern.

With her release from rehab comes the threat of the enablers, hangers-on and general wastes of space that masquerade as friends only to leech off our girl.

Will the Real Lindsay Please Stand Up

We don't need a return to this. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

According to sources close to the actress, the "bad people" who propelled Linds on her downward spiral are once again up to their old tricks, sensing opportunity.

Some of the same seedy characters are desperately trying to "snake their way back into her life," and have been "calling Lindsay non-stop" since she got out.

Worse yet, she's been talking to 'em. Might we see her fall off the wagon imminently? One source adds, "It's scary ... they could take her off the right path."

What do you think? Can she stay clean?


Who are these enablers you people speak of? In every story like this one, you reporters always mention these phantom enablers that are dragging so-and-so into the grave. Her parents and Lindsay herself are the only ones getting smeared. Bring the others to light already so we can have them executed for treason. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!


It all depends on how strong she is mentally,her will. If she has her mind set solely on beating her adversity's---she can. If she just want's to go back to what she was and how she was doing---ANY excuse will do. And there will always be a convenient dozen handy and close-by...It's all about will and desire...and so far---Lynds' hasn't shown anything in the control and inner-strength department...None...What a shame,to,'cause she actually has a lot of talent within her and---it's all going to waste...All I'm going to say is: "Good-Luck,Ms. Lohan. I hope you decide to pull-it together. A true disappointment is---wasted talent." Later all; Hollywood---out...


although i dont really know her but heard from ppl shes almost like britney spears n miley's goin down her road too so really hope she recover like britney and hav a great comeback...


lindsay you are an angel. Get better and live your life to the fullest


Will the sun rise tomorrow? Does a baby go "goo"? Is water wet? Are you kidding?????


i hope to god for her sake she listens to those who really care about her this time best wishes linday and GOD BLESS


Hopefully this former child star (24 year old adult) has been *scared straight!!


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