War Crimes Trial Interferes With Naomi Campbell's Busy Schedule

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Naomi Campbell so doesn't have time for this.

The British supermodel was a witness today at the war crimes tribunal of ex-Liberian president Charles Taylor in The Hague, Netherlands. She was there to detail how the ousted leader once sent her a gift of "dirty stones," or blood diamonds.

Campbell was called because she once received a gift of said stones from the dictator at a 1997 dinner on behalf of Nelson Mandela's Children's Fund.

"I did not want to be here," she told the prosecution. "I just want to get this over with and get on with my life, this is a big inconvenience for me."

Want some cheese with that whine, lady? We're just glad the fashionista's appearance came and went without phones thrown or drivers attacked.

The testimony of Campbell, one of the world's highest paid models, is considered vital to proving Taylor, in return for the diamonds, offered weapons training to neighboring Sierra Leone rebels, who subsequently slaughtered many civilians.


I can easily believe that this is a big inconvience for NC to show up as a witness,after all years ago she and her supermodel friends (from back in the day) let it be known that, they did not get out of bed for less than $10,000.00 a day.
@ Free Britney,
Thanks for the cheese and "whine" analogy.Hilarious!!!

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