Violet Kowal, Other Mel Gibson Mistress, Lawyers Up

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Remember Violet Kowal? Mel Gibson's OTHER alleged mistress? No? Well, she wants to make sure she's not left out of the actor's recent saga - financially.

Kowal, a 39-year-old "fitness model" (some have referred to her as a porn actress) from Poland, has just retained the services of attorney Gloria Allred.

Back in May, we reported that Violet Kowal claimed she had an affair with Mel Gibson while Oksana Grigorieva was pregnant with their daughter Lucia.

If he were putting it to Violet while living with Oksana (while married to Robyn), that would add a new twist - if it's even true or he violated any laws.

It's unclear why Kowal needs legal representation at this point, but hey, it worked out for Rachel Uchitel fairly well. There's eight digits of motivation.

In case you haven't read any celebrity gossip for the past month or so, Mel and Oksana are engaged in a brutal legal and custody battle over Lucia.

The Mel Gibson tapes - in which he rants and berates her in the most foul way imaginable - and accusations of violence have dominated headlines.

Mel has personally been MIA lately and that's because he's on a family fishing trip with two of his sons, much to Oksana Grigorieva's consternation.

Oksana's laywers tried to schedule Gibson's deposition for the ongoing child custody battle in the middle of his trip. The court date has been delayed.

Her people think the delay is evidence that Mel is not committed to Lucia. TMZ reports Mel will be "front and center for his deposition in short order."


Violet Kowal is not 39. She's a baby. She's only about 28. Get it straight if you are reporting. Oksana was 39, but is now 40. Can't seem to get your facts straight, nor anything else for that matter.


This women is nothing more than a money grabber?
What she gonna sue for?
Having arguments?
If that's the case, i'm gonna sue every single one of my ex's for starting arguments, and one of them for cheating on me 2 times.
Oh happy days.


This is getting to look like in the movie "Wild Things". Great movie. Sadly this is getting reality. And Mel's once clean, hot career and life is becoming a tabloid circussleeze like with Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Amy Crackhouse, Pethe Doherty, Lindsay Lohan and all the other creeps. So sad, so sad. This makes not one happy despite all the fame and money. When all the glitter and glamour and freedom that money can by is gone. It comes to the surfice that there was a lot of soul selling. And from that there is no way back. Only In Hollywood Babylon you can lose your soul.

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