U Smile, He Slows It Down: Producer Remixes Justin Bieber Single

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In a week of remixes and new videos - check out releases by Adam Lambert and Kris Allen respectively, HERE and HERE - a music producer has made an unusual new version of the Justin Bieber classic "U Smile."

Admitting that he's a major fan of the Biebs, 20-year old Nick Pittsinger says he got the "neat idea to explore" what the single would sound like slowed down.

Slowed way, way down. We're talking eight times slower than the actual song!

The remixed version went viral last night and is already an Internet sensation. Listen to Bieber's original NOW and then compare it with the one below:


i love the song its so beautiful but damn my bf get jealous with justin bieber


not a fan of him but this slowed stuff just siunfs creepy and i dont like it, cant even understand the crap.


omg it sounds EPIC!!!!it also sounds kinda sad and actually makes me cry cause it sounds so sad!!!:'( omg it makes me think of my grammy who passed away!!! :'( :'( :'( she was so sweet and this makes me think of it!!!! i can never listen to this again! but ill listen to any other justin bieber. omg im crying sooo hard!!!


Damn, someone made his shit music palatable? Damn.


the song is horrible this slow i like it the way it was befroe


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