Tila Tequila: Topless, Smiling Prior to Feces Attack

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The move may have made her famous, but Tila Tequila might finally regret posing naked for Penthouse back in the day.

After all, so many people have now seen this vixen's bare breasts that they did nothing to prevent a vicious attack over the weekend.

Legs Wide Open

As previously reported, Tila took to the stage at a concert in Illinois on Saturday known as Gathering of the Juggalos. Shortly into her set, unruly attendees opened up multiple gashes across Tequila's face by hurtling beer bottles at the trainwreck of a singer.

Pieces of human excrement were also involved.

Prior to the outbreak of violence, Tila tried to calm the crowd by taking off her shirt. That act - PICTURED BELOW - only riled up her drunk critics even more.

Tila's pink tights and large boobs were no match for beer bottles hurled in her direction on stage.

Meanwhile, Method Man also performed at the show and was bloodied by the same group of seriously insane concert goers. Like Tila, the rapper plans legal action.

It's unknown at this time if he went topless at any point, but we'll keep readers apprised and post any topless photos that show up online. That's just how THG rolls.


I accidentally ran into Tila Tequila Sex Tape.
Watch it here: Tila Tequila Sex Tape (full version)

Now tell me it's not real!
Have fun


and she wonder why they throw her things at juggalos...drama queens NOT....money must be run out...just suck it..isn't that what you good at...


feces goes good with fava beans


Yeah, her face is fine here, and she left the stage maybe 2 minutes later (on her own two feet, she was never "carried" off stage).


Notice there is no cut on the right side of her face. The cut that she said happened when she got on stage. The after photos are extremely fabricated!!! Why has the useless media not brought this up??



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