Tila Tequila Speaks on Concert Attack, Human Poop

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Tila Tequila probably does not deserve to be hit in the face with beer bottles and/or watermelons soaked in urine.


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    Listen to tila no one deserves this bullshit and u surely dont keep ur head high and keep that beautiful smile on ur face i love ur music and i always will one of ur most devoted fans and for the ones who has bullshit to say do u know her at all if not why run ur mouth and call her names would u ones who thought she deserved this like it if u were the one in this situation and she left the comments like u did to u guys im sure u wouldnt so lay off of her and if tis is the way you are going to treat her fuck off and leave her alone


    damn wtf? people got no respect no more. nobody deserves that shit. If i sucked as a singer and people started throwing shit at me, i'd whoop out a 9mm and started shooting. not at the people of course but so they will get scared like the pussies they are




    You guys are fucking idiots. Tila didn't deserve any of this. And the gatherings should stop, ICP sucks anyway.


    fuck u stupid slutty ass bitch we will never stop the gathering so fuck off slut whoop whoop mutha fucka u deserved it bitch


    First off, she was an hour and a half late, taunted the crowd, and is a total crazy bitch who was told not to go on. SHe was also told she didn't have to show if she didn't feel comfortable, after she was paid. Violent? What the f*ck did she expect, has she ever even listened to the music? In my opinion, this is just another cry out for attention. She knew what was taking place on that stage, and chose to go on out there, so she could use it for publicity. Secondly, if she thinks for one second that this is going to prevent next years' GotJ, the bitch has another thing coming. This was the 11th annual, and will continue on. Listening to that interview, all I can say is lay off the Xanax, sweetheart, it's slurring your speech.


    Tila, Maybe if you weren't such a shitty person maybe just maybe! you would not deserve what you got, but you are so sucks to be you.


    Why would she be there in the first place? ICP and Tila have absolutely nothing in common. It is her own fault if she felt threatened then why did she go out after being asked not to. She was already paid. Silly Tila!


    Tila is stupider than the scarecrow!

    If someone tells me Im going to get beer bottles, firecrackers and other crap thrown at me, Im not going on stage! And she was paid whether she went on or not. This is one dumb bitch!

    Maybe one of those beer bottles knocked some sense into that puppet head of yours!

    Now do everyone a favor, DISAPPEAR FOREVER!!!


    omg lol i so agree with you maz lol haha haaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa lllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooolllllllllll

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