Tiger Woods Divorce Proceedings: Ice Cold

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Despite the quote-unquote amicable discussions that resulted in finalizing his divorce, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren were not exactly cordial yesterday.

“Tiger was sitting down when Elin walked in the room,” a source said. “Publicly they didn’t say a word to each other. They didn’t even look at each other.”

At approximately 3 p.m., Elin Woods was heading back to her Orlando-area home after finalizing the split in Bay County Circuit Court in Panama City, Fla.

Both Woods currently live in Orange County, Fla., hours away. In Florida a couple is allowed to file for divorce outside of the county where they reside.

Why they chose Bay County is unclear, but the divorce petition says the marriage is “irretrievably broken” and that a settlement was reached July 3-4.

Elin Nordegren (formerly Elin Woods) is free of Tiger.

The Martial Settlement Agreement they signed also includes a parenting plan, and both Tiger and Elin attended the required four-hour parenting class.

"The parenting plan is in the best interests of the children," the papers read. Married since 2004, they are parents to Sam, 3, and Charlie, 18 months.

The court documents also say that Elin Woods will hereby revert to her maiden name, Elin Nordegren (her full name is Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren).

Causes of the divorce are not stated, as Florida is a no-fault state. But the papers say they have lived apart since Woods' November 2009 car crash.

"The marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken" is all we're going to get. No sordid golf-club wielding details or Jaimee Grubbs voicemails.


Ya life will be very difficult for Elin after she walks away with 750 million dollars about three fourth of Tiger's earnings. Actually her life has turned worse after she married tiger, before she was a multimillionare nanny. I dont know how she going to manage taking care of her two kids and herself with the just 750 million dollars. Men please dont put women through these hell anymore just dont commit into a marriage and give them the burden of enjoying all you have earned in your life time, please be considerate.


don't kid yaself- 90% of you clowns would screw around on your woman with the right hot chick....so get off Tigers jock!
first- don't be confused -Elin aint in your wildest dreams a "supermodel"
she's a NANNY!!!!.....
if ever there was anyone he shouldn't be screwin its HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE'S THE HIRED HELP!!!!!
where the hell would she have gotten 100 million?...
or even 1 freakin million??????......please!
so don't let me hear another "poor Elin" it's more like LUCKY ELIN!
Hell, that's like sayin "poor CEO of BP"
after he gets a freakin multi million $$$ GOLDEN PARACHUTE!
THERE'S YOUR REALITY CHECK.......you're welcome :)


Elin always has seemed like a sweetie! Amazing to watch such a full-on heartbreak of a wife in the public sphere. She always treated him and his children so lovingly. Wow. A lot of men try to pull off 1% of what Tiger did, but this was public fodder on a large scale. Unbelievable. He's insane.


Now if the media would just stop paying so much attention to the jerk maybe we can prevent him from becoming a billionaire again. The media do love to get in the dirt with him. Ignore him and treat him like a bad ass rapper because that is the category he is in. We don,t need Him in golf. Golf did quite well without him. We actually got to see some really fine talent that can beat his ass and they have class too.
Elin. Hope you get all of that 750million


Will she for ever never be fucked. I doubt it. It was better she stayed put. Its true she succumbed to peer pressure. How come mrs clinton has survived it. Many a women do survive with cheating man. Its like that. I feel sorry for her. Its not surprising many married man are alread after her and i am quite positive someone must be fucking her already. And not an unmarried man for that matter. Poor woman.


After the humiliation, betrayal, and hell "Tiger" (as he renamed himself) put the poor girl through, she deserves a knight in shining armor to help her heal from the sordid association with TW. A real man in other words and not an immature, narcissistic, conceited jerk like "Tiger" who thinks he's god and entitled to do anything he feels like doing. Hmmm, sounds like a sociopath to me.


At this point, there is not much to talk about!!!
Tiger Woods committed the ultimate betrayal, deception and humiliation against Elin Nordegren and their children. A wife does not get over such ordeal in a short period of time. I think that Elin Nordegren is a woman with class, dignity and self respect and she would have never stay with a man like Tiger Woods, whom she may not respect and trust anymore. Tiger Woods seems to be a troubled man with serious character and emotional issues that appears to be long standing. Elin seems to know that the emotional demands of staying married to Tiger Woods would have been very high and not worth it. Elin has a big responsibility to herself and her two small children. I commend Elin for her wise decision, for being a caring and loving mother and for her great courage, dignity and class during this horrid time in her life. I wish them all the best!!!

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