THG Caption Contest: Biebs and Shaq!

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Welcome to another edition of The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest!

It's easy and fun to play: Just come up with the best caption(s) for the photo below! Our subject this week: Shaquille O'Neal ballin' ... with Justin Bieber!

Simply Adorable

One of these dudes may or may not be engaged to Hoopz. The other may or may not take over the entire world soon. What could they be saying/thinking?

You tell us. Leave a comment. Leave 10 comments. We'll announce a winner Monday ...

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HAHA not funny..i love justin bieber and his music..dont make fun of my JB or you DIE!!!!!


Justin : This is what happens when you touch me!!! and I'll take your Hoopz too !
Shaq : OH Baby , Baby, Baby wish you could have what's mine ... mine ...


Let go Justin, it's just a chicken fight !!


" Let go Justin, or we'll never win this chicken fight"


You are sooooo ugly justin i hate you i wish you fall then i would laugh! why are your balls on shaq's head you are disgusting you big fat loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha lol


Shaq: Hey guys ...I think I got us a new backup point guard


JB: What, Shaq? What? You can't handle this, you little bitch! And don't f--kin' touch me!




The reason Shaquille looks so sheepish, is due to the uncomfortable fact that he's hanging out with a lesbian whose just about the same height and circumfrence of his peen.


Justin : hey shaq is that beyonce !!!
shaq : yeah it is
justin : get me down i gotta ask her out before she leaves
shaq : okay okay ima get u down
justin shes going man get me down come on!!!!
And too bad beyonce left leaving justin sad