THG Caption Contest: Biebs and Shaq!

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Welcome to another edition of The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest!

It's easy and fun to play: Just come up with the best caption(s) for the photo below! Our subject this week: Shaquille O'Neal ballin' ... with Justin Bieber!

Simply Adorable

One of these dudes may or may not be engaged to Hoopz. The other may or may not take over the entire world soon. What could they be saying/thinking?

You tell us. Leave a comment. Leave 10 comments. We'll announce a winner Monday ...

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Shaq:Oh sorry Justin I thought you were the ball you look like one Justin:Put me down!!!




Justin: . . . OH NO! shaq: what???? Justin: umm i forgot the ball shaq: dude NOT AGAIN! i cant keep picking you up dude!! Justin: DUDE!! i would have had it!! shaq: ohhh. . . you would have had it? YOU FORGOT THE BALL!!!!!!!!!! Justin: dude i can see it from here!!


Justin: what the heck man it would have gone in
Shaq: i know (:
Justin: put me down


Justin: Shaq...sorry man..I kinda forgot the ball. Shaq:what the hell?! Justin: sorry man Jeeze! Shaquille: Na don't care about e b-ball...just where's yours?


shaq:justin move your foot your kicking me in the face justin:what are you doing there anyway shaq:catching you justin:o ok shaq and justin :ahhhhhhhhhhhhh


that looks so cool and justin is the best


Justin: Shaq why the hack are you touching me there, I'm falling here!!!
Shaq: Well sorry fella I can't help but wonder what is or what isn't down there!


justin: hey man, i gotta tell you something, bad shaq: what? justin: i forgot the ball shaq: man! r u serious!


justinbieber : SHAQ ! put me down !
shaq : no way lil man !
justinbieber : HELPPPPPPPP ! (: