THG Caption Contest: August 20

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Welcome to another edition of The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest!

It's easy and fun to play: Just come up with the best caption(s) for the photo below! Our subject this week: John Mayer ballin' ... on the b-ball court that is.

What could he be saying or thinking? You tell us. Give it your best shot by leaving a comment or 10. We'll announce the winner Monday. Good luck ...

John Mayer Balls
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I have bigger balls than this!


John: (Thinking to himself) Okay Nikki whoever you are, enough ripping me apart, can you handle a ball like this, if not shutup!


John: You think this ball is big, believe me there is no comparsion.


John: I wish I had paid the extra money for good tennie shoes, damn paparazzi
lurking around, when you are not at your best.


John: Thinking to himself) Hopefully no one will recognize me in this terrible outfit, instead they will think I am Charlie Sheen, after a hangover and badly in need of a haircut.


John: (Thinking to himself) I made a "decision" to give up my music career, to play with LeBron, Wade and Chris, they promised to call me and I have not heard from them yet.


John: (Thinking to himself) This basketball looks so small, because my head is so big.


John: Even though I made derogatory remarks about black females, some of them forgave me because "I still got game."


John: This ball is SMALL, when compared to my BIG boasting mouth, ask jessica or jennifer.


You put your left foot in..
You put your left foot out...
You put your left foot in....
And you shake your ball about! You do Jessica Simpson..
and you do her once again...
and that's what napalm is all about!