THG Caption Contest: August 13

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Welcome to a new edition of The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest!

It's easy and fun to play: Just come up with the best caption(s) for the photo below! Our subject this week: Jessica Alba, getting pulled over by police.

What could she be saying or thinking? You tell us. Give it your best shot by leaving a comment or 10. We'll announce the winner Monday. Good luck ...

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Sorry you had to stop me "Officer" especially when I don't have
Cash (my husband) with me!!


don't wink at him, don't wink at him, do not wink at him...


Yea. There IS a body in the back seat. It's a funny story. See Sir, it all started...


I just want to first apologize for those Fantastic Four movies, The Eye, Honey, The Love Guru, Into The Blue...


Of all times to have gas...


"like, did she just unsnap her gun holster? OMG!"


Is it because i'm black?? No really??


ALBA: "Is it because im black?"
Police man: "lol nice try, maybe next time"


omg jessica alba ur really hot but i still have to give u a ticket sorry


Wow, what a coincidence, we're both wearing the same outfit!

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I’m waiting. We’re not sure what the name is going to be. My name was Faradon Luisa for three days. I don’t want to make that mistake with my kid.

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[Pregnancy is] the most beautiful thing that can happen to you.

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