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Good golly............what next.......Danielle is so tiring, such a cry baby, let it go, they do not want you around.........so GO AWAY........Teresa is too involved with herself........let it go Teresa and stop spoiling your girls, they will have it hard when they realize they cannot get what their Mommy has....Jacqueline plays it coy.........and Caroline is really the smart one, she lost her cool, but who wouldn't provoked like she was by the D.....Poor Joe G.......he is paying, and paying and paying........Stupido.


Danielle was certainly bullied by the Manzo/Giudice ladies and it is really getting hard to watch. I think after this season, I'm through. Teresa seems to be mentally ill. Danielle should move on.


Yo Moxy, how is calling pure garbage, Danielle, garbage, name calling, other than it being an insult to garbage all over the world?

BTW, whose the proven escort, whore, coke head, pistol whipping kidnapper and drug dealer who hangs with felons for friends and feels that she needs armed bodyguards for her protection on this show anyway?

Oh yeah, and in her lousy book isn't she supposed to be born the wannabe "Mafia Princess?" ROTFLMAO@U


Since Bravo won't publish my '2-cent' I'll bring it here. first what a trashy cruise and trip to Italy - ugh, so not Tony Bourdain;

Trashy Theresa I hope you get 'hit' by all those you owe...what a piece of trash.

Manzo shamzo = Cheap McMansion's & poor class...

While Danielle has issues...she at least is real..."AS in "REAL" housewives...

Without her - show is doomed!

Gay and Fabulous!


The Manzo Mafia wannabes are a disgrace. Caroline tried to act like she had class and we witnessed her destroy that notion on the finale. She resorted to name calling and threats and then bragged about how she didn't walk away from Danielle. These broads are a joke, dumbest women I've seen since the Housewives of 1955.


Man....you must be nuts too!


I don't believe that Danielle is stalking anyone. The other women need to justify their awful behavior towards Danielle this season, so they're coming up with these awful stories about her that nobody can verify. Not buying it!

Actually, I hope they do bring back Danielle because the show will be boring without her.

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