The Real Housewives of New Jersey to Danielle Staub: Stop Stalking Us!!!

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On next week's Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special, Danielle Staub goes insane and storms off the stage. Watch a clip of the hilarious antics HERE.

But, in truly shocking news, this is not the craziest example of behavior exhibited by this reality star over the last couple weeks.

Jacqueline Laurita on Bravo

Presenting the face you'd least want to see out your window.

Sources tell the latest issue of Life & Style that Danielle is determined to appear on the next season of this Bravo hit, despite the fact that she's been fired by producers. How would she accomplish this goal? By stalking her castmates, of course.

"She spends her days driving around Franklin Lakes, slowing down outside her co-stars' houses," an insider told the tabloid, while a second added: "None of them needed security before. But now everyone's nervous."

On Monday night's season finale, Staub and Caroline met for a face-to-face showdown.

Later in the episode, Danielle admitted that she brought bodyguards with her to the meeting, armed with guns.

"Danielle didn't tell anyone she was bringing armed men with her," the source said. "No one realized it until Danielle filmed her testimonial and admitted it. When Caroline found out, she completely flipped. Who can blame her? She could have been shot!"

In Staub's defense, she's made it clear that she's a fan of money shots. Manzo should have been prepared.

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Why does everyone feel Danielle is such a threat? Because she's not part of the "family"? Goodness, she's no more crazy than that Theresa creature. That girl seems to need some psychiatric help. It appears she may have a lot of mental health issues.


Why would Caroline flip out? The men with guns were OUTSIDE and obviously were not going to do anything to her unless she decided to get crazy with Danielle?!!! Obviously, she needs the guards because look what happened when she didn't have them with her and came in contact with that psycho circle of friends and family. Caroline being scared of Danielle is absurd. The mob MURDERED her father-in-law that didn't scare her out of marrying her husband?! If Danielle really wanted her hurt she could have caused a big scene, but instead she walked away like a lady.


Real or Not. I love the drama and I love Danielle because her + drama = entertainment for me and whomever else is watching and if they actually like the drama. and that just makes the show even more interesting to watch. if she's fired that really sucks. lol
i love the other gurls over danielle and if shes missing its just gonna kinda SUCK. OH WELL.


I think that TRH of NJ sucks! I don't think that grown women should pick on one person. They all need to get a life and stop bullying people. None of the "Mean GIRLS," , have a mind of their own. I am severely disappointed in Jacqueline, Ashley, and Caroline. I can't imagine that any mature adult would be making excuses for Ashley's horrible behavior. It doesn't matter what Danielle did 20+ years ago, she didn't deserve to be physically assaulted by an immature brat that doesn't even respect her own mother. I don't expect much from Theresa because anyone that would chase someone around in a country club in heels is obviously sick in the head! I loved the RHW of Orange County and Atlanta cause those ladies have more class.


Caroline has the maturity of a grade school kid. Does she really think that calling someone "garbage" or "a clown" is the way to be taken seriously? This infantile woman is the family matriarch? No wonder the family is so messed up! She invited Danielle to meet her, not the other way around. The way I was raised, if you don't like someone, you just stay away from them. It isn't hard to do. Inviting them over for a round of insults is just plain stupid.


If no one watched the show, it would go away. Send Bravo a message loud and clear and boycott the advertisers that support this drivel. Bravo reality shows are more contrived than a bad soap opera.


Danielle is crazy, you cannot talk or reason with her.Everytime an attempt was made she would bring up some crazy stuff. She is in desperate need of attention. How bad is it tht her kids give HER advice on how to behave or what not to do. She hangs out with criminals and plays victim Who brings "criminals" to a charity, complains about not having enough seats for them and then doesn't even donate. Who brings armed bodyguards to a meeting, really?? Like somebody will ambush her, however she always plans to ambush others. She is an idiot and who does anything for money and attention. Her poor children, can you imagine what they have to go through at school? everybody knows about her sex tape!! She always talks trash about others, like Dina or Caroline, that they used to be poor, so what no shame in that?! She is a a crazy lunatic.


Really Danielle?!?! "Danielle's Mafia in place" (your retarded!!!) You have lost your mind. I just wonder about those poor girls she is raising. She needs to get over her self and focus on choosing the right path for her health & sanity not to mention for her children.
I hope its true that you wont be back next season, it really is hard to watch you on TV thinking you are so high and mighty.
Your girls are beautiful young ladies, don't ruin there lives too!
PEACE OUT nut job!! XOXO


All three ladies (Teresa, Caroline and Jackie ganged up on Danielle which is not cool. We see how Danielle does not go shopping to purchase luxury items she knows she cannot afford yet, Teresa who drove her husband and daughters to the poor house because she has no clue on how to handle finances. Many people can not buy groceries do the recession YET EVERY EPISODE IS FOCUSED ON TERESA NEVER WEARING THE SAME DRESS TWICE,


i think terese and vacuous jackie are scary and the real Danielle is missing I mean she just ain't there and someone please take her kids away from her!!