The Real Housewives of New Jersey to Danielle Staub: Stop Stalking Us!!!

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On next week's Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special, Danielle Staub goes insane and storms off the stage. Watch a clip of the hilarious antics HERE.

But, in truly shocking news, this is not the craziest example of behavior exhibited by this reality star over the last couple weeks.

Jacqueline Laurita on Bravo

Presenting the face you'd least want to see out your window.

Sources tell the latest issue of Life & Style that Danielle is determined to appear on the next season of this Bravo hit, despite the fact that she's been fired by producers. How would she accomplish this goal? By stalking her castmates, of course.

"She spends her days driving around Franklin Lakes, slowing down outside her co-stars' houses," an insider told the tabloid, while a second added: "None of them needed security before. But now everyone's nervous."

On Monday night's season finale, Staub and Caroline met for a face-to-face showdown.

Later in the episode, Danielle admitted that she brought bodyguards with her to the meeting, armed with guns.

"Danielle didn't tell anyone she was bringing armed men with her," the source said. "No one realized it until Danielle filmed her testimonial and admitted it. When Caroline found out, she completely flipped. Who can blame her? She could have been shot!"

In Staub's defense, she's made it clear that she's a fan of money shots. Manzo should have been prepared.

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Isn't that illegal clearly she says that the guys had weapons.. Danielle is a drama queen..I'm glad she will no longer be on the series.


Bravo,Bravo!!The oscar goes to, Caroline Manzo for "The best liar on reality TV".She calls Danielle,pretending she wants to call a truce to all the craziness,but really she just wants to try and talk her into dropping charges against Ashley.HaHaHa!!When that did not work,then her true colors came out. She starts all the silly name calling,you're a clown,you're garbage.Face it Caroline,your plan did not work and you are the biggest "CLOWN"
of them all...


This is a great show and Danielle is the star. The rest of the gang jump poor Danielle. Did you see the reunion show? Danielle puts up with a lot ...


Caroline is just mad that her homies weren't the ones at the meeting armed with guns. Caroline knows what the dealio is. Her in law was found executed in the trunk of a car for goodness sake.


Theresa is the really crazy one on this show when you think about it. The show will be boring now that Danielle is off it.


Kelli are you born with Downs Syndrom? Sheesh I knewyou were King Kong Teresa darling. Quit stalking Daniel!By the way smelly kelly im aiming at the fact that you might be thinking im Abby herself being the idiot you are. But Guess again!


I do not think that Danielle should have been fired. Know one ever seen a gun. Many people can carry guns. And it appears that Bravo has not done anything to stop Mama Mob Boss, Terresa, Asley from attacking her, even on the reunion. Even Andy seem to ask questions as though Danielle is the only one that is crazy. Based on what I have seen. THe other girls is crazier than Danielle.


I like Danielle and the other women seem to seek her out. She wasn't trying to contact them, they were the ones trying to set up meetings with her. If she's "garbage" leave her alone!! I think the show NEEDS Danielle...otherwise they don't have much of a show. Who wants to see Caroline's crying kids and Teresa's demented tantrums. (boring)


I happen to like Daniel very much than the other girls... if no Daniel next time I won't watch the Real housewives of new jersey anymore no Daniel no drama and no entertaining.... so what everybody makes mistakes and the manzo's are not perfect same as Teresa too, u have to learn to forgive everybody does, the Manzo's especislly Caroline acting like a gangsta and to hear about a gun she got scared? and she has a got to call Daniel a garbage how about her? isn't she the garbage of them all? the way she's treating Daniel she's worse than her so does Teresa there acting like people with no breed, Daniel has reason to bring a security and what security doesn't have a gun? the way Caroline,Teresa and Jacklyn treat her who doesn't? Daniel only looking for herself shes all alone she only have her real friends and two lovely daughters I like you Daniel go girl!!! don't let them treat you like that go fight!!!


Abby, are you Danielle?