The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunite, Film Special, Go Insane

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Why'd you call her a coke whore?
Bitch, I'm gonna pin you down!
You are insane. You need to be medicated.

All of these quotes and more are part of the two-part Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special that kicks off Monday night, August 30.

That's right, folks: last night's surprisingly boring installment of the most scripted show on television was not the final appearance for Danielle Staub and company on your television screens this summer.

Bravo will milk the franchise for every last viewer and brain cell it can, pitting insane, self-centered housewife against insane, self-centered housewife in a battle of which unstable nut job will finally cause you to throw your TV out the window.

Our money, naturally, is on Danielle. Watch her scream and yell and storm off the stage in the reunion clips below...


jacqueline is manipulator?when?i guess olive kutcher is not watching season1 coz as i recall it's danielle who always manipulate jacqueline esp when it comes to ashely.Danielle don't even appreciate all the good things jacqueline did for her kids.3versus it may look unfair but how about bringing goons with guns,is that fair to you?duh..!!good for you your team danielle maybe you like here lol..


it's not caroline or dina start the's danielle duh..!!caroline wants to know about danielle life coz soem of her friends tell her about the book and what kind of woman she is.caroline call danielle garbage coz of what she did to dina's family(about her daugther lexi being on show that dina furge her x-husband signature and more to that.)Danielle is a pyscho.


PErsonally, i'm team danielle. Caroline "doesn't want drama" but she started it on the first season, same with dina. Teresa, she's just an idiot. Jacqueline is easily manipulated. But the biggest reason is because i don't think the casting was very fair. 3 vs 1? really?


well lets hope we dont have see danielle again on this show. she is a mess and danny well hope hes back in jail. holding someomes hand.cas, he needes no more tv time jail more like it
same cell with his messed up friend................ and caroline was great. guns a blazzing she is a class act no one cares about that chick danielle and if u do well u can share a cell withhem both.please do your work yourself danielle, run run un is all u know how to do well. lets hope u dont find you mother. poor women, lets pray love and light.