The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Rundown: Teresa Attacks!

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From sex tape talk to a near-beatdown, last night's Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special was as scripted entertaining as hyped.

While every second of this nauseating nonsense could have its own in-depth special, we've broken the night down to our favorite moments. Foremost them:

Reunion Madness

1. Jacqueline and Teresa alleged that Danielle Staub had sex with her boyfriend in front of Teresa's kids. Said Giudice, quite simply: "You're a pig, you're disgusting and you're desperate."

2. Teresa, on her rumored financial woes: "I have my husband, I have my four beautiful daughters and that's all I need." Let's see if she maintains that attitude when she's residing in a cardboard box next month.

3. Jacqueline admitted to watching Danielle's sex tapes, saying they were akin to "bad acting porn." Ouch. She just called Staub a skank and a poor actress!

4. Danielle made a comment about Teresa's nephew, which caused Giudice to leap out of her chair and scream at her rival: "Do not break up my family!" She proceeded to toss Andy Cohen aside and chase Danielle off stage.

It's a truly fantastic clip. Watch it now:

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To Suzette: He said "They used to have DONKEYS around here to carry the bags." NOT Darkies!! That is how rumors get started.


It's funny that one of the blogs stated that Teresa's brother is married to a black woman. She said the family has been disowned.
More needs to come out about this. Now it makes sense to me when
on the Italy trip, they were climbing the stairs and Joe made the comment about how they use to have Darkies around to carry up the bags, that they should still have them. I'm not surprised if another race would notice this, but as a black person, I heard it and was surprised that his little sqinched eyed, fat ass would have the nerve to say this on national tv. He has already made fun of gay people and had to explain himself. They need to watch what they say. They deserve to be judged, because they are putting their crap out on National tv for everyone who wants to watch will hear , even if it offends someone , they don't care., so neither do I . They are the ones who are a bunch of pigs. Classless, loud, disrespectful,ugly drunks.


this show has been disgraceful. i feel they are all trash. just to let everyone gang up on one person is just crazy and boring. each one of those women have a issue whether it is,financial,hardship,relationships our family issue. truly disappointed..................................................


It's finally coming out that Teresa and her family are racist! Her nephew everyone is wondering about? He's her brother's son. His wife? A black woman. And they've been disowned by the Giudices because of their interracial relationship. Bigots.


sad. through and through. andy is no good at his job. how's about having some class and professionalism andy and remaining nuetral? he was ganging up on danielle with the rest of them, he was brutal. on what planet is four against one normal? i don't care what they say she's done. disgraceful.


As much as I don't like Teresa and Jacqueline, I certainly cant stand Danielle. She proved herself a liar and a true sleaze, trying to get Dina's daughter taken from her and comparing ( Teresa's)children to animals.Sex tape...which is a low that a so called good mother would never even allow to release...I'm sure she is getting a kick back from it. She has proven to be without scruples and without even an ounce of simple human decency. Through Karma she will find herself without the matters most in life, her children will loathe the person she is...and friendless because she is fake and without empathy and true warmth.


what the %^$& is Andy Cohen creating?? Terese is a wack job and Jackie is clueless and Caroline needs a enabler intervention. Danielle is the only one that is consistently twisted I have always thought that childrens services should take her kids from her. I do agree with Caroline on this that Danielle's kids have blank stares they just ain't home. What do these women do besides throw their hair around and blame Danielle for everything? Without DAnielle who is going to take responsiblity for there cluelessness.


If I were Teresa I would of slapped the sh*t out of Danielle. I don't think Teresa is nuts, Danielle acts all innocent and like she is victim to EVERYTHING. Yet she keeps running her mouth and talking about all the other housewives. I'm sure there is a lot more going on than what we see on the show to cause Teresa's temper to go off.
Danielle is so disgusting, how she still has custody of her daughters is amazing to me. I would be embarassed of her.


New Jersey probally is so emberrased with programs like jersey shores and jerseylusious and oh yeah let not forget the classy show or should i say classless housewifes of new jersey? thats caroline cracks me up mess with my family mess with me what is her enemys going to wake up with a horse head in there beds? and yeah Teresa is nuts after all she cant buy every head band there is in jersey for her girls any more! shes broke and the rest of those family members the men are no men at all there wimps who let caroline run every thing.


Not sure why any of them stoop to Danielle's level. I do agree that Teresa is an out of control person. She has no class anyway.

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