The Real Housewives of D.C. Slam Michaele Salahi

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Whoopi Goldberg is not the only person to despise Michaele Salahi.

Just one episode into The Real Housewives of D.C. on Bravo, the reality star's castmates are already talking badly about her and even making threats about future seasons.

Michaele Salahi, Husband

After Michaele and husband Tareq didn't appear at the show's season premiere party yesterday, Catherine Ommanney said: "I don’t want to see them; I don't want to talk to them. I don’t want to be associated with them."

Would she return for a second season if the Salahis were still part of the cast? "Absolutely, categorically, no. I'll have to have therapy the rest of my life to get over being associated with her."

Another Housewife, Lynda Erkiletian, shared a similar sentiment with Us Weekly: "I was very happy to hear that they had their own premiere party and would be attending that and not torturing us any more than they have in the past."

Meanwhile, Mary Schmidt Amons takes the side of Goldberg when it comes to the tiff between Salahi and The View. She says:

"I don’t think the Salahis are really good at saying they’re sorry to anyone. It’s not my place to judge. All I know is that the accusations coming forward from the Salahi camp are completely false. It was on camera, a 200-person audience - Whoopi was just trying to encourage her to get back on task to the question, just get back to the question and answer the question."

Hmmm... remember when Stacie Scott Turner said this version of the Housewives franchise would focus on sophistication over fighting? That was funny.


first of all who the fuck cares about your shitty ass house wifes there all ugly cunts. second of all fuck the president him and his dinner partys can fuck off and those people that got in uninvited good for you guys shows that security sucks and that really no one cares about the fucking president there disposable one dies no one cares they get replaced!!


I don,t think i would watch the show if it was,nt for the crashers.I agree they are low lives but they are so stupid that they will do anything to fit in with all these other snots on the show ,esecially cat now she is queen of snobery.


i know for fact even though cat the english woman may be straight forward person at least she is real she not fake person i love her for that


I find it very 'interesting' that on REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL, on HBO, their piece on those criminals, the Salahi's; showed them living in a totally different house than the one that is shown on the DC HOUSEWIVES show. They lie from morning to night, they are scam artists, and should be shown being arrested at the end of the season. She told the hair salon people that her invitation was 'in the car' when she was getting all made up for the White House function. way. The HBO piece showed six creditors who were willing to talk about how much money the Salahi's owe. There were many more creditors who would not go on camera. I make an honest living; and they are thieves and walk around town...he like a cock; and her with her fake hair blowing in the wind. You can tell the real hair from the fake, because the real stuff in frizzy.


I think the Salahi''s are fame whores. If they are so convinced the had an invitation to the White House Dinner that is something a NORMAL person saves. So if you were invited produce the invitation and be done with it. Also your accusations of Whoopi Goldberg hitting and grabbing you were disgusting. Lady look at the video she tapped you to get you back on the subject.


The Salahi's are total douchebags and should be in jail or fighting in Afghanistan or Iraq. Total media whores, who should be acting better at their age. I hope the show dies. I have told my tv provider to discontinue that channel as I'm tired of these "house fraus"


Cinderella came to the show already a stand-out.The other woman will continue to be in her shadow.At some point,Michaele will realize that fame may be the name of the game,but it can also be very lonely at the top.

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