The Bachelorette Season Finale Recap: Poor Chris!

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We have absolutely nothing against Roberto Martinez, to whom Ali Fedotowsky got engaged last night on The Bachelorette finale. It's just that, well ...

How can you not be devastated for poor Cape Cod Chris?

Chris Lambton distinguished himself as the better choice in our minds, although we respect how Ali handled things and wish her and Roberto the best.

Can they stand the test of time, or is she following an infatuation that will ultimately let her down? That remains to be seen, and many will have doubts.

What did you think? Did she make the right decision? Leave us a comment and let us know. In the meantime, here's THG's +/- review of the finale ...

Ali Waits

Having let Chris go, Ali waited with little suspense.

Ali's family seemed really nice. Although she seems a bit more tan and thin than any of them. This is a girl who thinks she looks fat? Seriously? Minus 7.

One got the sense early that Chris Lambton was done. Somewhere around when Ali said Roberto "makes me feel like a woman" (code for h*rny), and her dad speaking of Roberto almost romantically, Chris had no shot. Minus 5.

Ali to her family: "I just have some thoughts ... in my head." Minus 8.

Plus 10 for the genuine emotion throughout the episode, and pretty much all season from the show. By and large, it felt less contrived than most seasons!

Excerpts from an email conversation with a female friend and Team Chris member: "I love the idea of Chris' mom looking down and applauding that he didn't end up with Ali!! Hee heeeeee. Roberto is a doofus. Ali is a dorkhead and Frank, well, Frank is the kind of loser with his lovely queen Nicole. OMG, I am terrible... Oh and her boobs are shoehorned into that dress! Ali's smooshed boobs get a minus 8,000!" Minus 8,000.

Ali and Roberto

Ali and Roberto debuted as a couple last night - on and off the show.

On the "shocking twist" meter, Ali cutting Chris loose before the ceremony rates about a 2 out of 10. Mildly overhyped by the network. Minus only 9, because we they had to lure us in and mask a one-person rose ceremony somehow.

Heartbreaking as it was, props for Ali for saving Chris the humiliation, and props to Chris on the most classy reality TV exit of all time. Plus 257 for being the anti-Jake Pavelka and would make a terrific star of The Bachelor. Here's hoping.

The sweat buildup on Roberto Martinez's upper lip pre-proposal? Minus 100. Minus 146 more for the barf-tastic "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" montage.

TOTAL: -8,005. SEASON TOTAL: -7,858.

On the After the Final Rose special, the happy couple confirmed they are still together, and will be moving to San Diego while planning a spring 2011 wedding.

Will Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez last? Vote!


I LOVE Chris.. but, I do think he is far to shy be a Bachelor.
He, to me, is a man of honour and will one day find the perfect girl for him! I have never felt so sad for a guy on this show as I did for Chris as I do feel he really did love Ali. He was so good for her but, I do admit Roberto was more for Ali, they liked the same kind of excitement. They also had a great connection on most levels. However.. I STILL LOVE CHRIS! He is so damn good lookin'.... kinda has that boyish look but, is all man! Wish Ali and Roberto every happiness.. hope it will last.


I kept thinking that Chris reminded me of someone...I finally figured it out, a young Steve McQueen! Watch an old movie of Steve McQueen's and you will see what I mean. I thought Chris had a certain "it" factor.


Common sense goes out the window when the promise of romance walks into the door. The name alone *Roberto is like melted butter on a woman's lips. Hopefully,these two lovebirds have something in common other than ending up with each other on The Bachelorette.


on a show like this there is no time to build a relationship on nothing but sexual attraction. I could see that Ali was all giddy and attracted to Roberto and I hope they can build on that and have a wonderful life. On the other hand, Chris would have been the ideal Ryan for Trista...real, grounded, and totally devoted...a relationship with him would last past the initial giddy laughter. But while Chris was my favorite, i think he is too old and mature for her. Ali is a young girl, needing the self belief Roberto gave to her that she is worth loving by someone far beyond what she thought she would ever get.
Chris is a gem. I don't want him to do the bachelor..i want him to have a real, normal and happy life with someone he loves with his whole heart.


LOL @ the Chris' mom smiling down comment. so wrong but i thought the same thing!


Chris for the next bachelor!! I knew she was going to pick Roberto since day 1. Both guys are great but at the end I think Ali was more attracted to roberto.

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