Teresa Giudice Blames Fame for Money Woes

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Teresa Giudice is $11 million in debt.

She recently went on a $60,000 shopping spree, just months after filing for bankruptcy.

Real Housewives, Real Secrets

Naturally, however, the Real Housewife of New Jersey doesn't take any responsibility for these financial woes. In fact, she blames the public. We're the ones that made her famous, after all.

"If she wasn't on the show, this all would be much easier," a source complained to PopEater. "Everything would be settled by now, but because she is now famous everyone is using the situation to get press for themselves and humiliate her and her family.

"It's honestly got to the point where she's not sure if she wants to come back for another season."

Hey, don't tease us like that, annoying, anonymous friend!

Added this insider, in one of the more ludicrous, nauseating quotes of the year:

"Teresa is sick of everyone knowing all her private financial business. She didn't sign up to be on 'Housewives' so that everyone could look into her bank account. Millions of couples go through what they are going through, except no one knows about it. It's just not fair."

So profound and true. It's really not fair for Teresa to be paid six figures each week so she can act like a self-absorbed spoiled brat and fight with Danielle Staub on every episode.

Someone get this woman a violin, stat!


if caroline,jacqueline and dina r family to teresa, then why didn't any of them help bail them out of their 11 million dollar debt? and wouldn't have to file for bankruptcy. now that would be real family!!!!


Teresa is violent and needs to be medicated. Can't stand the bitch. Snooki might have her issues, but is waaayyyy more classy than this toothy cash wielding broad. And what the fuck is up with the drunk fat ass husband? with all that drinking, can he even get it up anymore? no wonder he crashed his car - probably so he could get over and buy new with insurance - what a thieving pig. The only reason this bitch is with this lard ass is because he bribed her with unlimited cash.


This "woman" is disgusting!! She looks like a tranny. I'd rather have a conversation with Danielle. At least I won't lose my brain in 2 minutes.


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