Taylor Momsen: Pretty Reckless on Late Show

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Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen will be temporarily absent from the CW show when it returns September 13, although she's certainly still in the public eye.

The 17-year-old and her band, The Pretty Reckless, are gaining popularity by the day. Last night, they performed "Make Me Wanna Die" on Letterman.

Think Taylor has real singing talent, or are these guys just trading on her acting fame? Take a look at their performance and vote in our survey below ...

Can Taylor Momsen cut it as a rock star?


taylor is a pathetic little cretin that needs to understand shes not rock because she dresses like a back-alley prostitute. She insults other preformers to make herself feel and look better. Her songs are barely classes as rock, just because she has electric guitars and drums banging away it does not mean shes rock, it means she is a rock wannabe, and I ruddy well hope she stays like that. She needs to learn her place in this world, and being a nasty little madame will simply not cut it!


She Is So Great ! :d I'm Already humming their song Miss nothing ! :D Luv it. And She is a great actress.


Taylor's fucking awesome.
I had an instant girl crush on her the minute I saw her hook up with Kevin Zeigers on Gossip Girl.
Seeing her as a rocker just makes me want her even more.
Im totally gonna see the pretty reckless perform live one day


Blackswan I agree that she's very good, but I think she's far too ambitious and hard-working to be distracted by drugs and parties and all that. Lohan went wrong because she lost her ambition and decided to party instead of work. I don't see Momsen doing that, she much too ambitious.


She is VERY VERY VERY good except n a couple years i can see her just like every other celeb on drugs n going 2 jail && screwin up there life but she has ALOT of talent


I saw her performing on tour and not only is she a great actress but she's a great performer better than all the Disney "stars" kids go psycho over.


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