Taylor Lautner: Emotionally Distressed by Lack of Trailer

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Can't a muscle-bound hunk just chill in a pimped-out RV without filing a lawsuit?!?

That's what Taylor Lautner would like to know, as the Twilight Saga star has been forced to take legal action this week against a company that promised him an awesome new trailer.

Hot Threesome

In documents obtained yesterday by TMZ, Lautner says he struck a deal with McMahon's RV to purchase a personal trailer for approximately $300,000. It was scheduled to arrive on the set of Abduction by June 21. But here's where the controversy comes in:

The trailer... never arrived!

As a result, Lautner has sued the company for breach of contract and fraud, asking for unspecified damages because - as the lawsuit states - he's "emotionally distressed" and "annoyed" by the situation.

Man, we wish we could sue someone every time we got annoyed by that individual. Just imagine all the paperwork Miley Cyrus would be forced to deal with!


I'd be a bit "annoyed" if someone shorted me of a $300,000 dollar trailer! You tell those frauds, Tay!


You don't mess with the Lautner!!


I LOVE wolf's! If you think about the movie in all reality which I KNOW is fiction. Bella is better off with the Wolf. I know she thinks she so in love with the vamp but nobody is worth your SOUL. She would not have to change or leave or lose her soul. I think she is making a stupid choice. A soul is nothing to mess with. Besides I know when I cuddle I would rather have a nice warm hot body next to me not a COLD one! That is my preference.The wolf is way able to protect her. I am part indian,french and irsh. The wolf is my spirit guide. WHITE wolf that is. I think they are all really neat. Taylor, dont get a big head you will blow your image all to heck you will get your trailer im sure. If not something better will come along. Theres biggger things in life to worry about.


hey wats up


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