Taylor Lautner: Emotionally Distressed by Lack of Trailer

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Can't a muscle-bound hunk just chill in a pimped-out RV without filing a lawsuit?!?

That's what Taylor Lautner would like to know, as the Twilight Saga star has been forced to take legal action this week against a company that promised him an awesome new trailer.

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In documents obtained yesterday by TMZ, Lautner says he struck a deal with McMahon's RV to purchase a personal trailer for approximately $300,000. It was scheduled to arrive on the set of Abduction by June 21. But here's where the controversy comes in:

The trailer... never arrived!

As a result, Lautner has sued the company for breach of contract and fraud, asking for unspecified damages because - as the lawsuit states - he's "emotionally distressed" and "annoyed" by the situation.

Man, we wish we could sue someone every time we got annoyed by that individual. Just imagine all the paperwork Miley Cyrus would be forced to deal with!


I love Taylor Lautner and he's a great guy i support you in everything and anything you do. I LOVE YOU TAYLOR!!!!


You know what Ayysha. If you call my brother a moron again you'll be the one that I'll be suing. Go Taylor I love you bro!


Taylor i support u in everything and i love u i dnt blieve a word the people say abwt u


Honestly, If I paid $300,000 to get a rv, and I was expecting it on time and in the condition promised, I would be pissed if it wasn't right or didn't arrive.... come on people, you buy something and you expect it right and on time. It's an honest waste of his time to promise something like that if it can't be done! Taylor is very smart in going to court! He deserves to win... especially with how childish the owner is being about the whole thing... a push up contest, I mean COME ON!!!!!!


Waaa, would somebody please change my diapers? I want my trailer and I want it now.


Poor little baby. I didn't my RV on time. There going to make me stay at the Ritz-Carlton. I can I possibly handle that?


lautner knows his rights! breach of contract is an actionable wrong, way to go. an intelligent man,


Get over it but another one!! Even though i love him to DEATH!! he's a great actor but come on


What a Moron.


i always thought taylor is the justin bieber with muscles

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