Tabloid Shockers: Trouble for Robert Pattinson! Islam for Barack Obama!

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One is the studliest actor on the big screen; the other is the leader of the free world.

Still, it's not a great week to be either Robert Pattinson or Barack Obama, as information both would prefer to remain secret has leaked into the excitable arms of two leading tabloids. Or, at least, just two tabloids.

First, it appears as though the Sexiest Man Alive is at the center of a plot to bring down his successful movie career. This scandal - full of BETRAYAL, JEALOUSY AND LIES! - also plays a role in this relationship with Kristen Stewart. Interesting.

Almost as interesting as the proof The Globe has that President Obama is a Muslim! Shocking, indeed...

Trouble for Rob?!?

Apparently (bottom right, above), Demi Moore also has lesbian tendencies. We doubt Ashton Kutcher has a problem with that, though.

But back to the most pressing accusation in these articles. Do you think President Obama is a Muslim?


In all honesty as readers of everyday "bullsworth" we have to take it upon ourselves to *weed out what we choose to believe when we see these tabloid ragmags,and our very own daily newspapers. No matter how old, young,or educated we are, politics and religion will always be a subject of no clear winners of opinions.
I am willing to bet a dime, a dollar, and a donut that Mary Tyler Moore is *not in the least bit happy about her picture and name being at the top of Globe ragmag!!


Some people need to grow up. Just because someone is a muslim DOES NOT mean they're evil. But you see how easily people can be disillusioned? Because of a handful of terrorists, ALL muslims are categorized as 'evil'. IF the 9/11 had been caused by a group of Buddhist or Catholics or Hindus or even Christians, would you people say that they're all evil? I just wished you'd stop being prejudiced and open your eyes. Realize that there are ONLY 2 kinds of people in the world; Good people who does good things, and bad people who does bad things. NO religion teaches people to do harm or cause violence. It is the WAY those people interpret the teachings. I would recommend watching this movie called "My Name Is Khan". It is a very good film about the effects 9/11 had on the MUSLIM community after people who they call/believed to be their friends, turned their backs on them as if THEY were the ones who were responsible.


When we put God, (our Heavenly Father), out of our schools and out of our hearts and lives, we get what we deserve. A Muslim over us.


just because he is Muslim it doesn't mean he is evil.just because some Muslim kill people and are terrorists it doesn't mean that all Muslim people are mean and kill.


Muslim are against the United States of America though! And it probably would be better NOT to have a Muslim over America you know! Hopefully he will not be re-elected and our country will be safe again? Maybe...


I meant to say whether he is a Muslim or not is NOT relevant.


I once again agree with Randy Jackson's butt. He is a liar..whether he is Muslim or not is relevant. I know Randy Jackson's butt did not say all that, I took some license with Randy Jackson's butt's words but I think my point was made. Obama is a liar, regardless of his religion and that makes him dangerous. It also makes him a politician.


If he is, in fact, Muslim then that doesn't make him evil per say. However, it does make him a liar.


@layla: Did you not see the second option in the poll?


Just because your muslim does NOT mean yur evil, yur the ignorant ones for godsake..grow uppp!!!!!

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