Tabloid Shockers: Trouble for Robert Pattinson! Islam for Barack Obama!

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One is the studliest actor on the big screen; the other is the leader of the free world.

Still, it's not a great week to be either Robert Pattinson or Barack Obama, as information both would prefer to remain secret has leaked into the excitable arms of two leading tabloids. Or, at least, just two tabloids.

First, it appears as though the Sexiest Man Alive is at the center of a plot to bring down his successful movie career. This scandal - full of BETRAYAL, JEALOUSY AND LIES! - also plays a role in this relationship with Kristen Stewart. Interesting.

Almost as interesting as the proof The Globe has that President Obama is a Muslim! Shocking, indeed...

Trouble for Rob?!?

Apparently (bottom right, above), Demi Moore also has lesbian tendencies. We doubt Ashton Kutcher has a problem with that, though.

But back to the most pressing accusation in these articles. Do you think President Obama is a Muslim?


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@not a fan: Yes, Sheryl and some others are right. So what if he's muslim? Would it be any different if he was a Buddhist (etc)? There are very rational people here and there are those who are just blinded by prejudice. One of them COULD very well be THG. Reason being they specifically stated 3 options one of which would draw many response ("Yes, he's evil!!"). If they were unprejudiced, they should've at least put one more option, "Does it matter?".


Hi again James, from all of my study so far, I believe we are hear to become a child of God's. I have read some of the Qur'an as well, but I read the Bible every day as I believe it is God's Word. If we are obedient to his Word, are baptized and continue to follow his Word, then Christ will be coming back for his brothers and sisters. I want to be one of them.
I love to study History too, I think I will look up the war at Madina, thanks.


But J. The question asked after the article is; "Do you think President Obama is a Muslim?" And as Sheryl points out, This is a free country, which is why even if President Obama is a Muslim, it wouldn't matter. As long as he really cares about our country and is not trying to destroy it...


@not a fan: From my knowledge, this animosity goes waaaay back to Prophet Muhammad's time, during a war at Madina. But I can't be too sure. I'm not a Muslim, but I respect all religions. I personally believe that we're all put in this world to learn from one another. That's why I bother to read up the Quran and understand their teachings. I've come to realize that there is very little difference between the Quran and the Bible. The ten commandments that we know from the Bible are also stated in the Quran, among other things that are also similar.


Maybe it's just me but I dont really get why (if it was true) it's such a big deal. Isn't this a free country?


what the fuck? This is not a Muslim against Christian topic. This is the author liking the shitting article of Rob to the impossibleness of Obama being a Muslim. If Obama is a Muslim or a Christian who gives a shit?! Fucking Famous is famous for their fictious articles, and everybody knows that! Bannering lies and twisted facts all the time. This should be the topic of discussion here. Don't get political. Its ridiculous!


The few Muslims that I have known in my life hate Jews more than any other... I don't know why? Because their beliefs are a lot closer to each other than Christian's beliefs are. But I think you might be right James, about it going way way way back before our time making it difficult for us to understand. Wish I did, I am reading a book called 'OCCULT HOLIDAYS -OR- GOD'S HOLY DAYS - WHICH? by: Fred R Coulter. I am always searching for God's truth... I believe if I keep searching, I will find it...


@not a fan: I seriously hope that you'd stop saying that muslims (in general) 'hate' christians. I know that SOME do, but people need to stop generalizing. If anything, muslims and jews go waaaaaaaaaaay back in the "hate" department.. But thank you for being considerate and willing to hear others out.


And Buddhist, Catholics, Christians, or Hindus, do not believe any one should be killed over what they believe in! But some Muslim do...


Alright James, I'll watch 'My Name Is Khan,' I am putting it at the top of my Queue right away. But it does not change the fact that a Muslim hates Christians. They think that because we love the Son Of God, (Jesus Christ), that we are scum... They think that we are all worshipping just a Prophet, (or a regular man), and not God. In some of their minds, that makes us infedels, not worthy to live.

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