Tabloid Shockers: Trouble for Robert Pattinson! Islam for Barack Obama!

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One is the studliest actor on the big screen; the other is the leader of the free world.

Still, it's not a great week to be either Robert Pattinson or Barack Obama, as information both would prefer to remain secret has leaked into the excitable arms of two leading tabloids. Or, at least, just two tabloids.

First, it appears as though the Sexiest Man Alive is at the center of a plot to bring down his successful movie career. This scandal - full of BETRAYAL, JEALOUSY AND LIES! - also plays a role in this relationship with Kristen Stewart. Interesting.

Almost as interesting as the proof The Globe has that President Obama is a Muslim! Shocking, indeed...

Trouble for Rob?!?

Apparently (bottom right, above), Demi Moore also has lesbian tendencies. We doubt Ashton Kutcher has a problem with that, though.

But back to the most pressing accusation in these articles. Do you think President Obama is a Muslim?

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@MRI - 9/11 also had masjid complex in-built where Muslims also died. You should stop false advertising, if your too dum to actually understand, then you should dig up a hole and die in there. Anyhow, look for the truth people, seek out truth, accept the truth and research on it. I am glad that Robert took such a big decision May Allah Bless Him and all his family and friends. Ameen.


robert pattinson ru really satisfied with your life fame money etc sure n i challange u u r not.jus ask your heart n mind.fame money age everything will disappear n one day u vil die n vill stand in front of god .what u gonna say vat is t he purpose of life enjoying fame money or robert am a convert muslim i invite u to islam .no am not forcing you but itz my request read quran once plz .dont get me wrong .but u need to know vatz d purpose of life.and i pray to allah taa,ala that he show you the right path.all the best.may allah accept u. plz convey my msg to robbert pattinson itz a bit crazy u may think but plz


the one thing that i know and really want to share is that...islam is not a religion of compittition,,,but its a religion of compeletion,,,islam does not deny christianity but the fact is bible is also a book from heaven from allah almighity,,i just say to complete his or herself in is or her religion a christian should atleast read and know the teachings of islam.and for this purpose if you need any help i will be there,,,,i m not a good muslim so i always say dont follow muslims,,,dont see muslims,,,but follow islam and also see HAZRAT MUHAMMAD,may ALLAH bless you all.


i am a muslim and i am really tired of that! why do u generalise this people?!! I am a muslim and most of my best friends are CHRISTIANS and i have not a single problem with that!! and we form a great friendship bond. please accept muslims and don't judge and our religion when most of you don't even know what the word "Islam" means! Islam is an Arabic word that means PEACE and total surrender to God...


It says on money God bless America when it really should be "God blessed America and were the ones messing it up"


Does anyone on this site rember 9/11 that killed millions of americans. The person driving the plane was a muslim. You might call me rases sure but see how you feel about the religion the person had that killed one of your familly members. You stupid muslims might be able to forget that traggic day but I will never forget 9/11.

Shehryar khan utmanzai

what about drone attacks in Pakistan and Iran and women and children being killed everyday in Afghanistan? r the children also terrorist,will u call a child of only a month old a terrorist?????


i definitely agree with James it seems like Mr not a fan is not going to change his opinion about the muslims maybe if u read the whole quran then u will and by the way im a muslim and i have nothing against any religion i have alot of christian friends thats because i dont judge people based on their race,religion or where they came from i only judge people because of they are .


Christmas is not in the Bible. Easter is not in the Bible. Holloween is not in the Bible. Valentines Day is not in the Bible. God never commanded us to keep any of these traditions. And the ones he did command us to keep, people probably don't even know what they are. Like the weekly Sabbath, The Feast of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, The Feast of Tabernacles, etc. You have to read God's Word to find out what He asks of us...


People have to start asking themselves; Where has all of God's blessings gone? Why has God taken his hand off of us? Why all the fires, even fire tornadoes, (on CNN today), why all the floods? The answers I am finding out is that we have turned our eyes away from God and instead we, (the US), have replaced the biblical seventh-day Sabbath and annual holy days with Paganism. God warns us over and over not to do this. But we have.


They did; ( o yes, but who cares?!? ) And that's the one I checked. But what matters, again, is that, 'is our country in good hands?' Weather a Buddhist, Catholic, Christian, Hindus, or even someone who doesn't know weather there is a God or not, is in charge of our Country, are they there to protect us or destroy us? Let's take a look shall we? How is our country doing right now? NOT VERY GOOD! How is the outlook on the unemployment situtation going? NOT VERY WELL! How does the debt of the US look now? THE WORST IT HAS EVER LOOKED! And so James, if you ask me, the leader of our country is leading us down the wrong path...

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