Steve Neild and Kate Gosselin: More Than Friends?

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Are Steve Neild and Kate Gosselin dating? That's the rumor, again, only it's not being planted by Jon Gosselin to take the heat off his own ass this time.

Kate and her longtime family friend and bodyguard have always denied that there is anything romantic there, although once again, the rumor is surfacing.

Witnesses observed Gosselin and Neild taking long, nightly walks on the beach during a recent vacation to North Carolina with her eight children.

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"They looked at each other like they were an item," an onlooker told Us of Kate and Steve Neild, who Jon Gosselin alleged an affair between in 2009.

This was around the time Jon was putting it to every mediocre girl in sight, and was almost assuredly BS concocted to slander his estranged wife.

Right now, though?

Sources say Steve has become so close with the family that he tucks the kids in at night. He obviously adores Kate. Think it's strictly professional?


And if it were true and he wanted to Man Up (unlike Jon Boy) I'd be thrilled for both of them! She needs a Man with more balls than she has! She and the kids deserve all the best! Stop faulting her for having the courage, Love and devotion for her children. Jon, you need help buddy....GROW Up and see if you can rent a least!


Walking on the beach with her and the kids, last time I heard that's what bodyguards do. With all these good onlookers, I see why she still needs a bodyguard. We, the public, need to get a life.

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